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Rick Backus @CPC_Rick CEO, Co-Founder Born & Raised in San Diego UCLA PriceGrabber.com New Father of Emmett!

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The 2015 Virtual Summit for Amazon Sellers

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Presentation Overview The Amazon Plateau Our Approach to Amazon Discoverability Breakdown Buyability Breakdown Winning The Buy Box Resources

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The Amazon Plateau The Amazon Plateau: a long-term period of stagnant sales growth Without a strategy focused on ongoing optimization, a seller will hit the proverbial wall The increased sophistication of the Amazon Marketplace warrants a new approach

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Approach to Success on the Marketplace #Mozinar @CPC_Rick

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Discoverability Lever: Product Content Product Titles Features / Bullets Search Keywords Category-specific Product Attributes When should you invest resources in optimizing product content?

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Product Content Tips Headline - Should have the main keywords you are targeting and should only have your brand name if it is being searched on Amazon (run PPC to see if people are searching your brand) Bullet Points – Use all 5 bullet points (duh). List features and benefits. Capitalize the first letter of each bullet. Description – Make the description scannable and avoid a huge block of text. HTML is no longer allowed. Can also include a coupon code for bundles (buy 2 get 1 free). #Mozinar @CPC_Rick

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Discoverability Lever: Catalog Structure Parent & Child SKU Relationships

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Discoverability Lever: Sponsored Products Acceleration program for newer or low-exposure ASINs Discoverability lever for your top Buy Box offers Unveiling of Amazon’s search query data http://www.cpcstrategy.com/amazon-sponsored-products-guide/

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Sponsored Products Tips Automatic campaigns are excellent for keyword harvesting Start with higher bids than you think you should ($1+) Create manual campaigns for converting keywords Create manual campaign for your brand to see brand impressions Use Sponsored Products impressions to inform your organic content optimization strategy

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Sponsored Products Inventory Growth

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Sponsored Products Higher CPCs

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Discoverability Strategy: Keyword Research Merchant Words AMZ Tracker Google Keyword Tool

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Google Keyword Tool

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Keyword Research Tool: Jungle Scout

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Discoverability Lever: Sales Performance History Along with offer relevancy, sales performance is the most important discoverability factor Amazon has the incentive to give top-selling products the most visibility Drives the virtuous cycle between product discoverability & buyability

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Buyability Lever: Fulfillment Method Strong Buy Box factor The process for FBA assortment selection

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Buyability Lever: Fulfillment Latency Strong Buy Box factor Latency is entered at the product-level in the catalog feed

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Buyability Lever: Product Images Props/Models are allowed on your main image No marketing messages on your main image 1500 x 1500 pixel minimum 3D Product Images on Fiverr 2nd or 3rd image can be used for marketing message or coupon

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Product Image Tip

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Buyability Lever: Landed Price Strong Buy Box factor – highly immediate and controllable Should be leveraged based on your competitive landscape Enable strike-through prices How about raising prices? FeedVisor

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Buyability Lever: Product Reviews Strong influencer of conversions on the detail page Significant lever for brands When should you invest resources in generating product reviews? SnagShout by Seller Labs

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Buyability Lever: Seller Feedback Buy Box factor Almost always a strong reflection of the quality of a seller’s fulfillment processes When should you invest in generating seller reviews?

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Buyability Factor: Seller Rating Strong Buy Box factor Mostly comprised of multiple components found within Seller Central (ex. On-Time Delivery Rate (ODR), Late Shipment Rate, etc.)

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Respect Your Amazon Brackets The higher your bracket, the higher your Buy Box share Jumping from one bracket to another will have a stronger effect than moving within the brackets themselves

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Seller Rating Seller Rating is divided in to 6 brackets: 100-98% 97-95% 94-90% 89-80% 79-70% Less than 70%

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Shipping Time Like seller rating, these are divided into brackets: 0-2 days 3-7 days 8-13 days 14 or more days Again, jumping between brackets is more effective than moving between them.

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Create a No-Go-Zone Understand the points below which you should never allow your metrics to go. These are: Seller Rating - Below 70% On-Time Delivery - Below 97% Tracked Orders - Below 98% Late Shipment Rate - Above 4% Cancellation Rate - Above 2.5% Shipping Time - More than 14 days Customer Response Time - More than 10% of messages over 24 hours

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Mobile = 100% of Sales Go To Buy Box Over Christmas 2014, 50% of Amazon customer shopped via mobile On mobile devices, the “More buying choices” button is practically invisible Nearly 100% of mobile sales go through the Buy Box

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Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Headline Search Ads Placement: Appear at the top of the search results on an Amazon SERP Keyword Targeting: Long-tail (specific) searches: Consider using a specific product detail page as your landing page Short-tail (broad) searches: Create a custom landing page by doing your own search on Amazon for 3 – 5 of your ASINs, and copy the URL from that search. Use that URL as your landing page. Bid Strategy Bid conservatively to start out & increase over time Don’t get emotionally tied to a product – follow the data & promote what sells. Not every product is a winner with PPC advertising www.CPCStrategy.com | 619.501.6138 | contact@cpcstrategy.com

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www.CPCStrategy.com | 619.501.6138 | contact@cpcstrategy.com Product Display Ads Placement: On product detail pages below Buy Box Defensive Placement: Target your own product detail pages to prevent competitors from advertising against your products Complementary items typically do well here ROI will typically be poor, but these ads are here to prevent competitors from poaching your customers, not to drive ROI Offensive Placement Target related products of competitors to ensure placement on their detail pages Turn their customers into your customers Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

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Demand Forecasting Finding The Report Amazon Retail Analytics Basic Locate Demand Forecast Report Production Planning Scroll right to see the Demand Forecast for future weeks At the time of this recording, Black Friday is +13 weeks You should see spikes in demand from +13 weeks through +17 or +18 weeks; some products may spike sooner Use their forecast to plan production ramp ups or increased POs to your suppliers in time www.CPCStrategy.com | 619.501.6138 | contact@cpcstrategy.com Amazon Retail Analytics Basic

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Maximize Profits through Direct-to-Consumer Sales Benefits Increase Per-Unit Profit: Wholesale discounts to Amazon can be as much as 40% off your regular MSRP Selling as a 3rd Party through Seller Central, Amazon’s commission will be 15% or less, with FBA’s fixed fees usually falling in the range of 7% - 10% of product price (though that can vary). Price Control: Reprice at your own discretion to maximize profit Selection: Sell products Amazon doesn’t want to buy Risks Buy Box: If you’re not winning the buy box as a 3rd party seller, sales velocity can drop Selection: Carefully analyze projected FBA fees so you’re not losing money by selling the product as a 3rd party www.CPCStrategy.com | 619.501.6138 | contact@cpcstrategy.com

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Super URLs?

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Brand Enforcement Email "Hello, This is [Seller Name] and the reason we are writing this message is to let you know that you are linked to several of our listings and we know that you are not authorized to sell our brand [Brand Name]. For your information, we are also the owner of the trademark of [Brand Name]. Our legal department is taking full action to all other sellers violating the rules and you are one of them. We will provide you 24 hours to remove all offers for our [Brand Name] listings from your inventory or we will enforce action, first by reporting you to Amazon. Please see the below URL for those listings to which you are linked. http://www.amazon.com/XXXX [Seller Name]

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The Conversion Rate Debate

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Amazon Phone # -> Facebook Product Ads

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Resources www.facebook.com/groups/ecommercegroup

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Resources www.theamazingseller.com

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Future of Amazon SERPs?

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Thank You SEMrush! Email Me For The Slides: Rick@cpcstrategy.com