5 eCommerce Conversion Boosts Everyone Should Know

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5 eCommerce Conversion Boosts Everyone Should Know

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1 Utilize Video Reaching buyers with video

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Videos are easier to rank on Google. Search for anything and you will more than likely find a video on the top ten results.

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Stats: Video Influences Buying Decisions ▪ 96% of consumers find videos helpful for making online purchase decisions ▪ 71% of consumers said that watching a corporate video left them with a positive impression of the brand, service or company ▪ 73% of all consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service Source: 73% of Consumers More Likely to Make a Purchase After Watching a Video [Report] http://www.reelseo. com/consumers-purchase-video/ Source: 5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversions

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Video works across industries...

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Here’s How Brands Use Video

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Vat19 Stands out by using humorous videos to feature each of their products.

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Luxy Hair grew a 7-figure business just by publishing tutorial-style videos to YouTube. Their YouTube Channel now has a whopping 2.3 MILLION subscribers!

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Bellroy shows customers the functional side of their wallets with video.

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Blending random objects? Not only entertaining and funny, but how BlendTec got all eyes on their brand. You don’t have to watch The Shopping Channel to find this interesting.

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How can you use video? Product Demos Make it Funny Use YouTube Make a demo of how awesome your product is, covering all of the common questions you’ve heard customers ask. Humor helps you stand out of the millions of other boring product videos out there. YouTube is a free distribution channel. Google also prefers YouTube results over other video sites.

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2 Make Forms Fool Proof Those ugly, ugly forms...

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Using forms are big energy investment for users. Make it as painless as possible for them.

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Bad Forms Are Bad For Business ▪ Sticking with essentials lowers the chance of intimidating your prospects. ▪ In a study of Imagescape, reducing form fields from 6 to 3 increased conversions by 10%. ▪ Splitting your big forms into two steps (two pages) can increase conversions by 50%. Sources: ▪ ▪ ▪ https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/01/31/how-to-optimize-contact-forms-for-conversions/ https://econsultancy.com/blog/62435-how-to-optimize-your-lead-generation-forms-three-case-studies/ http://blog.convert.com/5-ways-increase-ecommerce-conversions.html

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Here’s How to Fix Your Forms...

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How to Fix Your Forms ▪ Isolate the form. Remove chances for users to click away. ▪ Try to reduce the number of fields your visitors fill out. Three is the magic number. ▪ Tweak your button copy. “Submit” is not an option. “Get Your Free White Paper” … is better. ▪ Make your form validation live as they type. Get them in and out as fast as possible.

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Oh! And NEVER EVER Use Captchas Source: https://kerneleros.com/anticapcha-2015-jdownloader/

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3 Free Shipping Because we all hate paying for it.

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Free shipping incentivizes people to buy from you.

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How Much Will It Cost You? Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by getting carried away with free shipping. If your product sells at $10, you wouldn’t want to ship it for free. Think about margins. Do your math!

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Cater to Nearby Areas Free shipping is cheaper for your business when you’re shipping to a nearby area. This works great for local businesses!

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Keep a Minimum Threshold Most retailers like Amazon and Toys R Us keep a minimum threshold for free shipping. For Amazon it’s $25.

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4 Coupons and Deals A killer recipe for eCommerce

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Sites like Groupon and stores like Walmart have built their entire fortunes on coupon offers.

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Idea One: Free shipping only for a season ▪ You can conduct short marketing campaigns that offer free shipping instead of offering year round free shipping. ▪ You can also offer free shipping for a limited time if your eCommerce site has just launched and you want to get the word out just like Amazon India. Source: 5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversions

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Idea Two: Offer bundled products on discount ▪ Bundling is when you group together some items and sell them for much less than their original value. ▪ Visitors see bundling as a steal deal and are often excited about purchasing bundled items. Source: 5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversions

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There’s no doubt that coupons are immensely popular. Who doesn’t want to save a few dollars when shopping?

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5 Transactional Email Email at the right time, in the right place.

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Transactional emails are a big opportunity to re-engage your customers. But the truth is, most marketing teams ignore this. Source: 5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversions

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Research indicates that emails like order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails have 8 times to 9 times more open rates of marketing mails.

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What do transactional emails consist of? These are the emails that you send right after someone signs up or places an order or wants to return something. These emails confirm that the particular action intended by the user has taken place. To make the best use of this opportunity you should place cross-sells based on buying behavior. ABC styles, for instance, places dynamic cross-sells on transactional emails along with personalized language like “we” and “you” that talk directly to the user. Source: 5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversions

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Farecompare also offers personalized dynamic transactional emails. On the site you can set up alerts to inform you if the fare for your desired flight drops by 20%. Since such alerts are specific to different customers, and each customer can set up alerts with different combinations. Source: http://blog.mailchimp.com/dynamicallycustomized-transactional-emails-with-mailchimp/ Source: 5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversions

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Conclusion Ecommerce conversions ultimately boil down to understanding and offering what your customers need with an assurance that they are getting the best deal possible. Whatever niche you are in, don’t forget to offer value and quality products. Only these things make a brand stand the test of times.

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