18 Noteworthy Quotes From Marketing Leaders

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“The game is getting harder…Everyone is trying to keep people on their site so they link out less often. It’s also harder to get free links, because why would an agency or publication give you space on an article, when someone else is willing to pay for it?”

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"No story exists unless somebody wants to listen"

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"Do you want to know the tactic that’s going to trump all tactics and what I guarantee you will be the differentiator between those that win and those that lose categorically between now and the next two years? Speed.”

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“Distraction is the enemy of conversion”

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“If they’re about to buy, get out of their way and don’t interrupt their momentum with negative language.”

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“What we say and what other people hear are often entirely different…reverse the order of your headline and subhead to uncover extra clarity.”

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“Most successful content comes down to three things: the story, the data [and] the production”

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“[Content marketing] is not that straightforward for most of us. That’s the truth.”

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“If you can’t do [existing content] better, it’s a restraint. If you can do it better, it’s an opportunity.”

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“You have to pick the target audience. You have to talk to the people that care about you…and this is the most important thing in the internet world, in a world that’s so connected.”

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“People don't really hate ads. People hate irrelevant and annoying messages.”

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“The biggest mistake is thinking that spending money can get attention.”

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“If people aren't searching for your content with your brand name, your content ain't that epic.”

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“When they land on your content, I don't care where it ranks. The questions is, when they leave that piece of content are they like.: ‘you know what, I'm better at what I do because I found your content’.”

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“When you produce content people actually want, it gets copied.”

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“Optimise for what would happen if you DID rank”

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“Align yourself with Google's mission. Trying to do anything else is ultimately foolish with search visibility.”

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“More and more people are going to end up having to build apps, because they’re going to be the only way into having visibility in certain kinds of searches..”

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