The Tyranny of Spam Surveys

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THE TYRANNY OF SPAM SURVEYS It’s become impossible to avoid surveys. They’re everywhere: in spam emails and pop-up windows, and in nagging dinner-hour robocalls. Companies are sending out billions of spam surveys a year. The more spam surveys researchers send out, the less effective they become. #NoSpamSurveys RESPONSE RATES 36% 9% 1997 2004 (SOURCE: PEW RESEARCH CENTER) 72% say surveys interfere with the experience of the website 52% SAY THEY WON’T SPEND MORE THAN THREE MINUTES FILLING OUT A SURVEY 80% abandon a survey halfway through (SOURCE: OPINIONLAB) FOUR REASONS People Loathe Spam Surveys 1 They are one-way conversations, strictly about the results the survey author wants to acquire, not the interests of the customer They appear out of nowhere, uninvited and, most often, unwelcome 3 2 They are impersonal and generic, not connected to the data or experiences of the individual customer They are often overly long, not respecting the time and effort required of the customer 4 The era of the traditional survey is over. To survive and thrive, businesses need new tactics and techniques that yield more intimate, more granular and more human insight. For smart, effective solutions to the tyranny of surveys, download the e-book No Spam Surveys, by Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller. https:/ /www.visioncritical.com/resources/no-spam-surveys ILLUSTRATION BY JOHN W. TOMAC visioncritical.com

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