How to Impress the Press & Generate Media Coverage for Your Startup

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PR is the art of persuasion

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PR professionals aim to persuade people and influence beliefs. This makes people change behaviors or take actions, which benefit your company.

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PR persuades... ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Users to download your app or visit your website VCs to invest in your startup Contributors to back your campaign Partners to sign agreements with you The public to believe you are a trustful brand Amazing people to leave high-paid jobs to join your team

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Corporate PR... helps existing brands interact with the public and maintains or boosts brand value

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Startup PR... breaks stories about new businesses to build awareness and establish brand

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Does PR work? One good article placement can increase sales leads and drive growth Consumers believe third party endorsements more than Ads

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When do you need PR? “You always need to think about PR, but that doesn’t mean you should chase press coverage as soon as you’ve got a company name. Startups should not hire a PR firm till they have customers as proof-of-concept” Shalini Singh, Founder of Galvanise PR

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PR In Action Real-life examples

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Cloudike Process • Interviewed founders • Built company intro and press kit • Distributed to global media Achievements: • TechCrunch article resulted in a 10 X increase in qualified business leads through their website NOTE: Securing TC took six months and a trip to San Fransisco http://tcrn.ch/1Him39g

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Solar Paper by YOLK Solar Paper is the first solar charger that’s thin and light enough that you can fold it up, slip it inside of a notebook, and take it with you anywhere. The company’s founder, SungUn Chang, says that it’s her mission to bring solar technology into people’s everyday lives. With help from G3 Partners, Solar Paper has beat out all of the previous crowdfunding campaigns from Korea, raising more than US$1 million on Kickstarter.

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6,297 backers pledged $1,021,583 Recipe for Success Press coverage of Solar Paper has been spectacular, ranging from CNBC to the Daily Mail and Mashable. The company’s reputation was established during their prior campaign last year. The success of Solar Paper clearly demonstrates that a good product, trust from former backers, and improved crowdfunding aptitude can clearly bulldoze through cultural and language barriers. One thing that stands out is how personal this campaign is to its creator, who writes her updates in the first person, and whose passion is clearly evident in the product video. Learn more

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Now we’re going to talk about… HOW

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The Press Kit – “Pure PR” 1. The Boilerplate - a boilerplate is a unit of writing that can be reused over and over, for multiple press releases, without change 2. 3. 4. 5. The Elevator Pitch - An elevator pitch is a short description of your product/service The Press Release - PR announcement issued to the media Images Other items

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The Boiler Plate “A standard piece of writing that can be reused over and over” • • • • Usually found at the end of a press release Briefly describes the company or organization The same boilerplate is usually used on every press release Boilerplates should be up to date, clearly written and short

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Not Just For press Releases

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Terrible Boiler Plates “Orbotech is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and service of yieldenhancing and production solutions for specialized applications in the supply chain of the electronics industry. The Company’s products include automated optical inspection (AOI), production and process control systems for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and AOI, test and repair systems for flat panel displays (FPDs). The Company also markets computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and engineering solutions for PCB production. In addition, through its subsidiary, Orbograph Ltd., the Company develops and markets character recognition solutions to banks and other financial institutions, and has developed a proprietary technology for use, among other things, in web-based, location-independent data entry for check and forms processing; and, through its subsidiaries, Orbotech Medical Denmark A/S and Orbotech Medical Solutions Ltd., is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of specialized products for application in medical nuclear imaging. Of Orbotech’s employees, more than one quarter are scientists and engineers, who integrate their multi-disciplinary knowledge, talents and skills to develop and provide sophisticated solutions and technologies designed to meet customers’ long-term needs. Orbotech maintains its corporate headquarters, executive and registered offices and principal research and development, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Israel. The Company’s extensive network of marketing, sales and customer support teams, located in over 35 offices throughout North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, China and Japan, delivers its knowledge and expertise directly to customers the world over. For more information visit www.orbotech.com.” Orbotech is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and service of yield-enhancing and production solutions for specialized applications in the supply chain of the electronics industry… This doesn’t actually say anything

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8 Boilerplate Tips • • • • • • • • Include what your company does and for whom Describe your strengths Include your organization’s tagline Use appropriate keywords for SEO Include specific metrics Use words that position you against competitors Include a link to your website Include contact details Keep it short and simple: 100 – 150 words http://bit.ly/1mGzs4O

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Boilerplate Template [Company Name] is an [City, Country] based company, founded in [Year], which provides [Products] to [Customers, Target Audience]. [Company Name] has consistently [Value Proposition]. [Company Name] is [Key Fact – such as “the first company to provide peer to peer payment services in Asia” or “a startup dedicated to solving communication issues between friends”]. In the future [Company Name] plans to [do what]. For more information about [Company Name], please contact [Person] at [email], [Phone] or visit [Website].

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Boilerplate Example Founded in 2015, G3 Partners is Asia's first dedicated startup PR agency, based in Seoul. G3 Partners specializes in providing regional and global PR services for tech startups in Asia, and supports global growth stage tech companies with PR in Asia. G3 Partners helps clients get featured on major technology, business and finance publications in Asia and the US, such as TechCrunch and TechInAsia. G3 Partners currently serves clients in Korea, China, Singapore and the US and has presence in SE Asia since June 2015 For more information contact Nathan Millard (CEO) at nathan@g3partners.asia, give him a call on +82 10 8723 7702 or visit their website at www.g3partners.asia.

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The Elevator Pitch • An elevator pitch is a short description of your product/service • In one sentence you should be able to explain your company’s mission – “my company, _(insert name of company)_, is developing _(a defined offering)_ to help _(a defined audience)_ _(solve a problem)_ with_(secret sauce)_”. • Imagine you’re on an elevator with a potential investor and you can only pitch to him/her during the ride

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Elevator Pitch Example “We solve the problem of genealogy by matching possible relatives, to help genealogists create one accurate world family tree. We make money by charging enthusiasts for enhanced search and other premium features.”

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Elevator Pitch Example “We solve the problem of genealogy by matching possible relatives, to help genealogists create one accurate world family tree. We make money by charging enthusiasts for enhanced search and other premium features.” One sentence describing a service. Explains how this service is viable (makes money) and touches on other offerings that are going to lead to questions.

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Elevator Pitch Example • Grab attention immediately and craft a clear statement that can lead to a question by the receiver • If you don’t get a follow on question, you’ve failed • In the brief amount of time you have, you have create curiosity!

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The Press Release “An announcement sent to the press, to let the public know of company developments” • • • • • A press release is not an advertisement It should be factual and concise Avoid jargon and technical language Limit yourself to one subject It should announce something new

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Generally writers will create their own article, based on your press release

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10 Tips For Writing A Press Release 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Have a good reason for sending a press release Grab attention with a good headline Get right to the point in the first paragraph Answer who, what, when, where, why and how Include hard numbers or data points Make it grammatically flawless “No one can write great copy first Include quotes whenever possible time out. Keep practicing and get Make sure it is appropriately targeted feedback to help you improve” One page is best, two is maximum Provide access to more information

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Press Kit… what to include

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Essentials • • • • • Boiler plate Backgrounder (1-3 page company summary) Executive profiles Contact details for follow-up information Hi-res images (for web and print): logo, screenshot, CEO, team

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Nice To Have • • • • CEO Q&A Details of Awards Previous press coverage Previous press releases

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What you need • Your Logo • Use a high-quality image of your logo that is sharp and visible. • Product Photos • 1-2 should be sufficient. Make sure it’s the product you talk about in the release • Shots of people • Make these appropriate to the audience • Video • The video should clearly back up what is said in the release • Keep it to 60 seconds or less

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Sample Images

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Even More Tips • • • • The press list How to build a press list How to contact journalists PR tools

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What is a press list “An effective press list is actually not a list, it’s a collection of personal connections” • Effective PR relies on strong media connections • If writers already know you they are much more likely to listen • Like friendships, building strong media connections will take time

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So… a press list will take time to develop, and should be looked after, like you look after your friends. Writers might change jobs, but you should keep the friendship. http://bit.ly/1yRaDdk

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How to build a press list • • • • • Identify target publications Identify writers who cover your ‘beat’ Record contact information and build writer profiles Connect with them and start interacting early Get to know their preferences / interests

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Acquiring Contacts for Publications • You can even buy a media list on Vocus or Mondo Times, but check: • Is it up to date? • What information does it contain? • Is the life of the list unlimited? • Which outlets are included? • Will this be digital? • Services like VoilaNorbert and EmailChecker helps you find emails for targeted writers and verify that they are real • Most important – build a list of relationships, not contacts

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How to contact journalists “Spamming 1,000 ‘cold’ contacts will not be nearly as effective as pitching 10 relevant people you know very well”

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How to make friends with journalists • • • • • • • • Add value to their work Follow them on Twitter Share their relevant work Comment on their Writing Try Snail Mail Buy them a beer Send a highly personalized e-mail Keep them informed

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Tips on connecting with press Don’t Do • • • • • • • • Target relevant writers Ask writers how they like press kits received Send 1-2 reminders Develop meaningful dialogs Focus on the 5 W’s Show your appreciation & keep the dialog going Keep in touch with writers Offer support with other related stories • • • • • • • Don’t demand coverage Don’t chase up more than twice per press release Assume all writers have the same preferences Use excessive superlatives Don’t treat Reporters like your soapbox Don’t make writers feel like an afterthought Don’t mistake ‘No’ for ‘Never’

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mehereen@g3partners.asia www.G3Partners.asia +60-16-3856737

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