How to Create a Rockstar Twitter Profile in 5 Minutes

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@joshsteimle How to Create a Rockstar Twitter Profile in 5 Minutes

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@joshsteimle The problem

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@joshsteimle The solution (in 7 easy steps)

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@joshsteimle Step 1: Full name (otherwise, people can’t find you using it) Even though I follow Dan, his profile doesn’t show up when I search for his full name because he didn’t use it in his profile.

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@joshsteimle Step 2: Profile photo (people don’t trust “the egg”)

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@joshsteimle Step 3: Banner photo (use it to say something about you— make it personal)

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@joshsteimle Step 4: Bio (make sure it couldn’t be written by this thing)

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@joshsteimle Twitter bio basics: • Have one • No typos • Don’t use these words; guru, visionary, expert, maven, driven, passionate • Think like an SEO and use keywords • Include credibility factors to differentiate • Include hobbies to be authentic

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@joshsteimle Good bios:

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@joshsteimle Step 5: Other info (location, link, etc.)

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@joshsteimle Step 6: Make it easy for others to find you. (change these settings under “security and privacy)

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@joshsteimle Step 7: Follow, be useful. Unless you’re a celebrity, the easiest way to get followers is to follow others. The best way to get followers is to post useful content people love.

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@joshsteimle Twitter: @joshsteimle Blog: joshsteimle.com

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