Social Media Reporting & Data Visualization Best Practices

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Social Media Reporting & Data Visualization Best Practices Class 4: New York University Social Media Analytics I @BrianHonigman

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Social Media Reporting Fundamentals @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Reporting Success on Social Media 1. Choose Your Key Metrics to Report on a Goal or Set of Goals. @BrianHonigman

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Facebook Metrics Pages Likes Post Reach Engagement: Likes, Shares, Comments Post Clicks Hide, Report as Spam, Unlikes Post Types Video Views 30-Second Views++ FB Referral Traffic @BrianHonigman

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Twitter Metrics Tweet Reach Engagement: Mentions, Retweets, Likes Tweet Clicks Engagement Rate Top Tweet, Top Mention, Top Follower, Top Media Tweet Video Views Completion Rate Twitter Referral Traffic Followers @BrianHonigman

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LinkedIn Metrics Followers Impressions Interactions: Like, Shares, Comments, Followers Acquired Update Clicks LinkedIn Referral Traffic Post Types Page Views, Unique Visitors Engagement Rate Follower Demographics @BrianHonigman

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Social Web Traffic Metrics Conversions Pages Per Visits Pageviews Time on Site Sales Bounce Rate Goal Completion Users Interaction with Social Plugins @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Reporting Success on Social Media 2. What’s the time frame you’re reporting on? @BrianHonigman

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Typical Reporting Timeframes •Weekly •Monthly •Quarterly •Campaign Related @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Reporting Success on Social Media 3. Who is the report for at your organization? @BrianHonigman

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Reports Will Differ Based on Reviewer •Just you. •Informal meeting with college. •Report progress to supervisor. •Present findings at meeting. @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Reporting Success on Social Media 4. What tools will you use for timely, visual & accurate reporting? @BrianHonigman

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Measurement Tools with Basic Reporting Features •Facebook Insights •Twitter Analytics •LinkedIn Company Page Analytics •YouTube Analytics @BrianHonigman

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Basic Excel Report Exported from FB Insights

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Measurement Tools with Robust Reporting •Google Analytics •Socialbakers •Sprout Social •Sumall •Simply Measured @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Reporting Success on Social Media 5. What’s the best way to visualize the results of your social media success? @BrianHonigman

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Effective Visual Reporting: •Goals and Segments •Highlights KPI’s •Include Insights •Power of Simplicity •Forever Evolving @BrianHonigman

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Effective Visual Reporting: Goals & Segments @BrianHonigman

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Effective Visual Reporting: Highlights KPI’s @BrianHonigman

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Effective Visual Reporting: Includes Insights @BrianHonigman

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Effective Visual Reporting: Power of Simplicity @BrianHonigman

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Effective Visual Reporting: Forever Evolving @BrianHonigman

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Google Analytics @BrianHonigman

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Socialbakers @BrianHonigman

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Sprout Social @BrianHonigman

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Sumall @BrianHonigman

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Simply Measured @BrianHonigman

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Simply Measured @BrianHonigman

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Simply Measured @BrianHonigman

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Questions!? @BrianHonigman

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