Using Social Media to Connect, Convert, & Create an Amazing Customer Experience

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Using Social Media to Connect, Convert, & Create an Amazing Customer Experience Presented By: Nicole Kroese VP of Marketing & Partnerships, Likeable Local @NicoleKroese www.SocialForAutoGuide.com

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About Me Seattle native NYU Grad VP, Marketing & Partnerships @ Likeable Local Formerly a professional dancer Connect with me on Twitter/ @NicoleKroese and FB/LinkedIn Email me nicole@likeablelocal.com @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Let’s Get To Know Each Other I consider myself a social media expert! I’m no expert, but I know how to do the basics + some. Back to basics for me-- I am a social media newbie! I’m currently using social media as part of my marketing strategy . My business has seen positive ROI from social media! I’m still not totally convinced social media actually works. My business has benefitted from word-of mouth. @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Stats… Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing American social media users spend on average 2.7 hours per day on social media 56% of the population goes to Facebook more than once a day, 29% for Twitter, 14% for LinkedIn 70% of marketers increased spend on social in 2015 Over $8.5 billion was spent on social media in 2014 And projected spend for 2018 is $14 billion In 2014 social mobile ad spending surpassed non mobile spending Sources: HubSpot, Digital Information World, We Are Social Sources: HubSpot, Digital Information World, We Are Social Sources: HubSpot, Digital Information World, We Are Social

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The Top 5 Reasons People Want To Follow You On Social To find out about your latest promotions and discounts New product announcements and information Customer service Entertaining content Ability to provide feedback @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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How to Connect, Convert, & Create an Amazing Customer Experience Using Social Media Leverage current customers Create an engaging content strategy Listen & respond Provide social customer support Advertise (smarter) @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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1. Leverage Current Customers They are the foundation of your social strategy If you really are a likeable business, they’ll happily engage with you! Great Ways to Encourage Customer Engagement: Encourage Referrals & Reviews Give Shout-outs and responses Showcase Testimonials @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Ask For Referrals! A referral is the best gift a customer can give you. Make it easy for them! Reward loyalty and goodwill @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Give Shout-Outs & Say “Thanks” When you get a great review, show you appreciate it! You can even repost these on your Timeline, Website, etc. @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Engage through: educating, entertaining, & inspiring + occasionally promoting) 2. Create An Engaging Content Strategy @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Follow the 10 Commandments of Content Creation ~From our Free eBook SocialContentEBook.com ~ Give your followers a reason to engage Think positive Remember to K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) Have a Conversation Ask Yourself: Is it Sharable? Know How to Properly Curate Be Mindful of the 4-1-1 Rule Keep It Timely Use Visuals To Enhance Your Message Tell a Story @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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3. Listen & Respond Regardless of your industry, responsiveness always counts. @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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People are talking about needing YOUR services on Social Media Join the conversation! @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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4. Provide Amazing Social Customer Support Listen and never stop listening Don’t be afraid of negative comments Surprise and Delight Be grateful Remember everybody loves to be thanked and recognized @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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5. Advertise (Smarter) on Social PLAN ahead. REACH the right people. ENTICE with relevant creative. CONVERT visitors to customers. SCALE smarter. @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Why Advertise on Social? With “Facebook Reachageddon” we now need to Pay-to-Play Facebook Reachageddon = The End of Organic Reach. If you aren’t paying to boost your posts, only 1-2% of your fans will see your posts organically @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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It’s OK! Marketers who know what they are doing on social can blow away the competition with strategic ads. You’ve never been able to market smarter to a more expansive audience! @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Choose A Strategic Objective @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Objectives On Twitter @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Create Smart Audiences Demo/Behavior/Interest Custom Audiences Lookalike Audiences @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Targeted Audiences Specify everything from gender, to income, to job title, to interests, to location! @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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-30-50 year old -women -who are married -who live in Tennessee -who like Thai Food -& are interested in Cricket 2015 =1K-1.5K Monthly active FB Users! @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Custom & Lookalike Audiences Get more business and referrals from current customers Attract people similar to your current customers Get already-interested prospects closer to buying Retarget “cold-feet” visitors @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Track and report regularly Double down on what is working You may be sick of your Ad, your prospects aren’t! Adapt to current trends Always-be-optimizing Scale Smarter @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Social Media = The New Word Of Mouth @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Social Ads= Viral Word Of Mouth Social Ads have BUILT IN endorsements from friends. @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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THE LIKEABLE SOLUTION @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Use thousands of content ideas at your fingertips and preplan your posts for the most effective times Automatically scheduled industry-specific content for Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn Content Creation & Scheduling @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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TurboPost ™ Technology @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Likeable Hub Site @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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Learn More | SPECIAL PROMOTION! Likeable Hub makes social media automated: 1. LEARN MORE about Likeable Hub 2. SIGN UP before Nov. 25th 3. SAVE BIG $$ on packages -save on monthly price -reduced contract length -other savings, too! SET UP A DEMO at LikeableDemo.com OR CALL 212-359-4347 MENTION the SEMA show @NicoleKroese | SocialForAutoGuide.com

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QUESTIONS/ GRAND PRIZE Redeem your Likeable savings at LikeableDemo.com or call 212-359-4347! TWEET: @NicoleKroese EMAIL: nicole@likeablelocal.com FB/LINKEDIN: /NicoleKroese Likeable Local: TWEET: @LikeableLocal EMAIL: contact@LikeableLocal.com FB/LINKEDIN: /LikeableLocal Download our free eBook on social media for auto professionals @ SocialForAutoGuide.com