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THE LOST ART OF SOCIAL LISTENING How to create a social media listening strategy + 5 tools to put it into action

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Hello, I’m Nicholas

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What are we really doing?

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Making things people want beats making people want things John Willshire

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Something we make Something people need

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It all starts with listening

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Why do businesses fail with social media?

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Too much push, not enough pull

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Running on autopilot

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Trying to be everywhere, and ending up nowhere

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Chasing (the wrong) numbers

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Giving up too soon

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So, what should you do?

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Dive in and start listening

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Find your target audience

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Filter out the noise

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Identify the influencers

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Look for the trends

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Oh, and remember…

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Your audience doesn’t care about you

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Your audaince cares about what you can do for them

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Store 1GB of MP3 files on the hard drive 1,000 songs in your pocket

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5 tools to make you an awesome listener

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And two more bonus tools…

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Phone and email (yes, really)

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The $10,000 tweet

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@nscalice nicholas@earnworthy.com