10 Things to Know About Virtual Reality and Store Design

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DESIGN VISUALIZATION Virtual Reality - Store Design and Visual Merchandising: 10 things you should know

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R E T A I L D E S I G N & P R E S E N T A T I O N T O D A Y I S D I F F I C U LT ! • Fast Paced • Needs to drive purchase • Complex • Needs to be a complete branded experience • Many stakeholders reviewing the designs, • Needs to support for multiple categories including executives • Needs to be fresh and innovative • Needs to increase presence in wholesale accounts • Needs to connect with distracted shoppers • Needs to to be omni channel • Needs to scale from small to big, globally • Needs to be on budget • Needs to be on schedule

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HOW DO YOU SUCCEED? By communicating your vision, your idea and concepts in the most effective way…

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When presenting your designs to stakeholders, executives and partners, you have choices including: 1) Rough sketches, photos, material samples and a lot of verbal explanation 2) Photorealistic renders 3) Animation of the store 
 4) Virtual Reality

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10 Things to know about VR 1. Virtual Reality is NOT some clunky, helmet based solution that was a 90’s novelty. 2. Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook, Intel, Sony and others are investing Billions in bringing VR to the mainstream. The technology works and it is really amazing! 3. It is estimated that VR will become a $20B industry within 5 years. From games to movies to sales tools, VR can provide a new paradigm for how we experience things.

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4. VR is the ultimate visual communications tool. It allows the user to interact and view an environment in 3 dimensions, 360 degrees. 5. VR provides the ability to walk around inside an environment before its built. VR also has the ability to be interactive, so you can add a layer of UI anywhere that you want. 6. VR can run on today’s smartphones or on a PC. Note that headset/goggles are NOT required if used on a PC.

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7. VR is NOT cost prohibitive. In fact, it some instances it can be equal or less than traditional renders. 8. If done by experts, VR can be photorealistic. At PixelPool, we don’t sacrifice image quality with VR. 9. VR provides an emotional connection and experience with an environment that still renders cannot. 10. VR is being used by some of the world’s top apparel and retail brands TODAY.

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Want to see a demo? I would love to show you and your team an in person demo next time I’m in your city.  Just let me know what days you have free and we’ll get something on the calendar. Josh Hansen Retail Brand Director josh@pixel-pool.com

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PixelPool is a Design Visualization Agency. We help creatives, designers and retailers by making their ideas, concepts, dreams and projects come to life visually. We make you and your brand experience look incredible.

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