25 Digital Transformation Case Studies In Retail

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Most retailers are stuck in the Beatles era

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It's time to evolve for the Kim Kardashian era

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01 t Appreciate the‘Moments That Matter’ in people's lives!

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Our lives comprise both
 active, intent-driven moments 
 as well as passive moments Active, 
 Intent-Driven Moments
 (“Search”) Passive
 (“Discovery”) Different channels are relevant for the two different kinds of moments

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Your customers’ days are full of these magical micro-moments & you need to appreciate them!

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Office Depot optimizes its SEO for location-based product searches on mobile

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John Lewis stores allow you to try on multiple dresses without 
 needing to change!

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TopShop allows you to customize & instantly print your clothes in-store!

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SayDuck furniture stores use virtual reality to allow customers to imagine how products would look in their homes!

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02 t Capture those moments through analytics

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Online Behavior & Social Purchase Actual Purchase

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Zara tracks in-store customer behavior through iBeacons to improve the retail experience

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Facebook’s new analytics product will help retailers & brands analyze the real sales impact of their ads.

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03 t Treat your customers
 as humans & not as
 “target audiences”

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Amazon has changed the personalization game at scale through digital!

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The interface of Glimpse’s eCommerce
 store dynamically changes based on the “social media” profile of the visitor

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Personalization can happen 
 both online & offline through merchandise

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A 123-year-old company has allowed its customers to personalize its brand!

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04 t Educate, inform & inspire them during those moments

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05 t Play with your

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No reason why some space in retail stores can’t become mini-arcades!

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No reason why some space in retail stores can’t become mini-arcades!

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Integrate your loyalty program with your customer’s social media engagement levels or eCommerce purchase behavior

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Enhance your brand recall & engagement through partnership with popular digital games!

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Incentivize micro-moments
 through mobile apps!

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06 t Lend them your 
 ears - 24/7

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Brands are investing in social media command centers to constantly listen to what their customers are saying about their brands and competition

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07 t Be their personalized,  trusted advisor & assistant

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Neiman Marcus uses a location-aware app to provides sales staff with customer preferences using iBeacon

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Tate & Tonic curates fashion recommendations based on a customer’s purchase data as well social media profiles

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Facebook just launched “M”, a personal butler service this morning!

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08 t Allow customers to pay you whenever, wherever, however!

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Facebook is experimenting with a payment solution where you can pay directly via Messenger

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09 t Disrupt the delivery model through partnerships!

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Uber Singapore delivered
 Xiaomi phones to the customer!

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Tesco South Korea Virtual Stores 
 at Bus Stops & Train Stations

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Starbucks is rolling out mobile ordering &
 delivery services in partnership with PostMate in the US in 2015

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10 t Give your customers
 reasons to become your ambassador!

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Tesco customers can earn loyalty points
 by sharing recommendations online

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Don’t Sell.
 Make Them Want To BUY! t Thank you. Digital can help you do this at scale☺ Contact Us: hello@happymarketer.com @Pranmaz | @hmarketer www.happymarketer.com

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