Holiday Social Media Marketing: Tips, Tricks, Examples

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Holiday Social Media Marketing: Tips, Tricks, Examples #SocialHolidays Blaise Lucey Senior Content Strategist Brittany Berger Content & PR Manager

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Agenda 1 How Consumers Use Social & Web to Research & Buy Gifts 2 Examples of Great Social Holiday Campaigns 3 How to Prep Social Channels for the Holidays 4 What You Need to Get Started #SocialHolidays +

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Social Commerce… is not a thing. Source: eMarketer / Market Track #SocialHolidays +

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But social research is happening. 52% of consumers plan to use social media for shopping during the holiday season. 36% of consumers plan to use social media to look for discounts. 32% of consumers plan to use social media to research gift ideas. Source: eMarketer / Market Track #SocialHolidays +

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And social referrals grew ~200% from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015. Source: Business Insider #SocialHolidays +

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The Social Revenue Breakdown Facebook makes up 50% of social referrals to eCommerce sites & 64% of total social revenue. Despite a smaller audience, Pinterest drives 16% of social revenue. While great for brand awareness, Twitter sales are relatively lower, but extremely effective in specific industries, like event planning Instagram is mostly used for branding, but sees around 400% more engagement than other social networks (Forrester) Source: Business Insider #SocialHolidays +

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The Social Audience Breakdown When you’re optimizing your channels for the holidays, you should consider when your audience is most active. At Bitly, we use Audience Intel, a feature of Bitly Brand Tools, to figure out the best time to post content. We can drill down by specific social network to analyze audience behavior. We can also dig into specific subsets of each audience, finding out, for example, when Facebook users on iPhones are most often engaging with content. This can help businesses time specific mobile ads and other initiatives. #SocialHolidays +

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And if your audience is mobile, your ads should be mobile, too. Facebook Ad (fake) Zappos Home Zappos Product “Wait… I wanted those sweet boots.” “Oh snap. What a deal. Add to cart.” Deep linking on mobile ensures that you can personalize the experience for mobile users. Here, we can see a mock-up of a Zappos Facebook Ad. vs. Without deep linking, the ad opens the app to the main page. That’s a confusing user journey and can have a big impact on conversion. In the second example, Zappos uses deep linking to send users directly to the location in the app where they can buy the shoes they wanted. Image: Sarlitt.me #SocialHolidays +

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5 Examples of Social Holiday Marketing #SocialHolidays +

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1 1. OMNICHANNEL RETAIL HOLIDAYS, FACEBOOK-STYLE combines digital, mobile & physical sales. Retailer Adore Me used Facebook Ads during Cyber Week 2014, targeting young female professionals aged 18-36. TOOLS The ad copy offered percentages off, limited time offers, comparisons of sales vs. regular pricing, and call-outs of free shipping. RESULTS + 1,500 New Customers + 2,500 Unique Purchases + 15x Member Reg. + 40x Site Traffic #SocialHolidays +

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2 GIVING BACK Last November, TD Bank ran a campaign that offered 24 different people in 24 different communities around $30,000 each. The giveaways - and the community service involved after - were filmed. Results were posted onto a micro-site & shared via #MakeTodayMatter. 1. OMNICHANNEL RETAIL combines digital, mobile & physical sales. TOOLS RESULTS + 5m views + Ongoing video content + Social shares #SocialHolidays +

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3 1. OMNICHANNEL RETAIL MAKING THE LINE SOCIAL combines digital, mobile & physical sales. Old Navy offered a giveaway campaign where one of the first 100 people in line at a store won one million dollars. The campaign engaged retail customers with the Old Navy social and digital marketing teams. The result was a much more interesting waiting experience. TOOLS RESULTS + Social & Retail Engagement + Long-Lasting Social Campaign + Customer Experience #SocialHolidays +

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4 1. OMNICHANNEL RETAIL MAKING A PRODUCT COME ALIVE FOR LOYAL FANS combines digital, mobile & physical sales. The Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is an extremely popular product. To capitalize on that seasonal popularity, Starbucks created social accounts for the beverage itself - giving the product a personality and a way for loyal customers to engage with it. The results were impressive, to say the least. TOOLS RESULTS + 121k Twitter followers +20.7k Instagram followers +22% Sales YoY at launch + Personalization +23 marriage proposals #SocialHolidays +

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5 1. OMNICHANNEL RETAIL GAMIFYING ADS WITH DISAPPEARING DEALS mobile & physical sales. combines digital, TOOLS SnapChat is a newcomer to the social advertising game, but can provide a really interesting experience for customers. Here, Amazon gamified disappearing deals by offering codes that vanished after 10 seconds. Other brands work with influencers to make the most of SnapChat. RESULTS + New channel for ads + Fun, 10-second deals + Captive audience #SocialHolidays +

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So what about service? #SocialHolidays +

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Driving social inquiries to landing pages helps streamline customer interactions: Robert Fransgaard @fransgaard 5 Jun 2013 praised @virginmedia in a questionnaire last week… However, engineer suppose to come today is not coming until next week. nobody told me ;/ #SocialHolidays +

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Tactics & Strategy #SocialHolidays +

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1 Optimizing for Marketing #SocialHolidays +

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Update cover photos and avatars #SocialHolidays +

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Pin posts to your profiles #SocialHolidays +

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Determine your promotion schedule Campaign #1 Launch Date Campaign #2 Campaign #3 Nov. 1 Nov. 15 Dec. 1 1 Day Later 3 Days Later 7 Days Later 10 Days Later #SocialHolidays +

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Schedule posts #SocialHolidays +

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2 Optimizing for Support #SocialHolidays +

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Include support hours on your profile #SocialHolidays +

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Determine how you’ll delegate & prioritize Priority #1 Priority #2 Priority #3 Brittany Promotion Engagement Support Patricia Support Engagement Promotion #SocialHolidays +

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What You Need to Get Started #SocialHolidays +

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Social Content Calendar #SocialHolidays +

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Social Listening Tool #SocialHolidays +

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Analytics #SocialHolidays +

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Documentation Campaign social timelines Social posting calendar Team delegation plan How to prioritize incoming messages KPIs and reporting processes #SocialHolidays +

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#SocialHolidays THANK YOU WANT MORE? Learn how to grow your business by listening: bit.ly/monitoring101 Mobile, content, social, branding, metrics, oh my! Learn 37 different ways brands are using Bitly! bitly.is/everywhere

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