Integrated Marketing is What Your Business Needs

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Integrated Marketing: It's What Your Business Needs

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In other words... Integrated marketing uses a combination of communication tools & media to spread messages. With all these new types of marketing, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

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The Solution: Integrate them! Integrating your marketing strategies is essential to fully understand how your business & potential customers interact. Here's 3 things your business is missing out on when integrated marketing isn't part of your plan:

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1. You're not cross-channeling your strategies Integration strategies use a combination of traditional advertising, public relations & new technologies to get messages to reach their target audience. Bottom Line: If you're only using one channel to market, you're not reaching nearly as many potential customers as you think.

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2. You probably forgot about your loyal customers. It's a huge mistake to solely focus on gaining new customers, rather than keeping old ones, too. Bottom Line: Design your marketing strategies around your loyal customers. Find out how & where they want to connect with you. Then, use them to help promote you by giving them content & discounts to share with their friends.

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3. You didn't know that each channel has its own strengths & weaknesses. And that's okay; that's what we're here for! Use the strength of one channel to offset another's weakness. Bottom Line: Being top-ranked on your SEO keywords will get you a lot of website traffic, but won't necessarily bring back new customers like an awesome email campaign will.

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