Engage: The importance of community and sharing your work

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How many of us start and end our day with this?

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Searching for help and inspiration

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Turning to a community full of thoughts, ideas & learnings

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Many of us worry about having original ideas

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Or needing to be an expert in order to share an opinion

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Austin Kleon – Share Your Work 13:30 – 17:03 https://vimeo.com/112074749

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As designers and developers, in a culture of portfolios, we often believe we can only share perfectly polished products

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Yet great work can only be achieved through great process

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How you connect the dots is as interesting the final picture

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“You might not be an artist but there is an art to what you do and there will be people who are interested in that art if only you shared it with them.” – Austin Kleon

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I once had to learn Git (the struggle was real)

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So I wrote an article about it https://medium.com/@ashk3l/a-visual-introduction-to-git-9fdca5d3b43a

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It was read a few times

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Be brave. Put yourself out there. Develop your personal voice.

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Medium – A minimalist platform for sharing

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