How to Grow Your Twitter Following (and Become the Badass of Your Industry)

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How to Grow Your Twitter Following (and Become the Badass of Your Industry)

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@RebekahRadice @PostPlanner #ViralWebinar About Rebekah Radice

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@AdamsConsulting @PostPlanner #ViralWebinar About Diana Adams

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What We’re Going to Cover How to: ● Optimize Twitter to maximize your results ● Make connections to grow your following...fast ● Build a loyal and enthusiastic audience ● Discover and share viral content...no matter the industry ● Market your business like a BOSS #ViralWebinar

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Optimize Twitter Get your bio in TIPTOP shape. #ViralWebinar

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Load Up Your Profile Pic You don't want to BE an egghead. Keep your pic consistent across all social channels. #ViralWebinar

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Make the Most of Your Space You have 160 characters of space - make each one count! #ViralWebinar

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People Connect with People Make your bio as relatable and approachable as possible. #ViralWebinar

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Share Your SUPER Duper Awesomeness Help others get to know you. Share what makes you SPECIAL. #ViralWebinar

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Get Branded Make your account instantly recognizable by adding a customized Twitter cover. @starbucks #ViralWebinar

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Brand Your Cover Photo Use images and elements to showcase your accomplishments. @marshacollier #ViralWebinar

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Brand Your Cover Photo Clearly express what you do. Help people take that next step. @jedrecord #ViralWebinar

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Brand Your Cover Photo Streamline your look and feel. Draw from your website and keep it consistent. @pegfitzpatrick #ViralWebinar

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Don’t Forget Your Keywords The words you use in your bio are searchable keywords. #ViralWebinar

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Share What You’re Passionate About Share what you love in your bio and connect with others who have the same interests! #ViralWebinar

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Use Twitter Lists Like a PRO Twitter Lists are the ultimate way to keep your Twitter timeline organized and relevant. #ViralWebinar

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How to Organize Your Lists Use them to organize the people you begin to interact with. #ViralWebinar

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Optimize Lists for More Engagement Get creative with your lists to encourage engagement in a specific group of people. #ViralWebinar

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Get Involved in Twitter Chats Find people with similar interests in Twitter chats and gain followers. #ViralWebinar

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Use Twitter Chats to Build Credibility Twitter Chats are all about engaging. Get in the convo and share your expertise. @isocialfanz #ViralWebinar

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Struggling to Grow a Twitter Following? Grow your Followers with Chats! @micadam #ViralWebinar

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Build a Loyal and Enthusiastic Audience Engage with others! (but listen too) #ViralWebinar

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Follow Interesting People Don’t fall into the trap of thinking Twitter is all about the numbers! #ViralWebinar

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Focus on Relationship Building Social media success can be measured by the meaningful relationships we build. #ViralWebinar

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Write a Tweet Worth Reading According to @HarvardBiz, only 36% of tweets are worth reading! #ViralWebinar

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So...Tweet Great Content! Does your tweet have all 7 of these components? Use this checklist to be sure. #ViralWebinar

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Recycle Successful Tweets #ViralWebinar

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Look to Your Analytics to Find Them #ViralWebinar

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Tools like MyTopTweet.com Identify your top tweets from the last 3200. #ViralWebinar

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Mix Up Your Headlines (and content) Use a combination of content and context to bring your tweets to life! #ViralWebinar

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Analyze Headlines to Predict Results Use a tool like CoSchedule to analyze each one of your headlines for effectiveness. #ViralWebinar

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Tweet Eye-Catching Images #ViralWebinar

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Don’t Be Afraid to Use Bold Colors! #ViralWebinar

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Use Visuals to Create Brand Messaging Nike knows how to connect image and message perfectly. #ViralWebinar

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Use Video to Increase Engagement Twitter just enhanced the video feature! (video image source: GoPro) #ViralWebinar

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Make Your Video Personal Personalize your videos and Twitter experience! #ViralWebinar

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Connect with Influencers Connect the right way. Focus on relationship building. Don’t spam influencers. #ViralWebinar

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Use a URL Shortener Using a URL shortener has many benefits including giving your followers more retweet options. #ViralWebinar

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Benefits of Using Shortened URLs Increase trust and collect data #ViralWebinar

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Share Other People’s Content But do it the RIGHT way! Always give proper credit. #ViralWebinar

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Twitter Calls to Action Boost your interaction with a well-placed call to action in your tweet! - Please RT (studies show that asking for a retweet will increase your retweets by 12x) - Click here to download - Please reply - Tweet the answer for a chance to win - Use the hashtag to join the conversation #ViralWebinar

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Get Local Find and connect with potential customers and peers. #ViralWebinar

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Create an Easy Twitter Schedule Schedule your tweets ahead of time so you can focus on engaging and building relationships! #ViralWebinar

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Rinse and Repeat Identify what’s working and what isn’t. Make necessary tweaks along the way. Rinse and repeat! #ViralWebinar

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Come GROW With Post Planner With our *scientifically proven* Viral Content, you will triple your Retweets, Follows and Clicks! #ViralWebinar

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THANK YOU! @PostPlanner @RebekahRadice @AdamsConsulting #ViralWebinar

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