Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 Social Trends and Analysis

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 Social Trends and Analysis

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TOTAL POST VOLUME Mentions of Black Friday from October 1st to Nov 10th, 2015 619,558 >21% more mentions than 2014 Nearly 1% post volume change week-over-week

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LEADING BRANDS Best Buy owned the conversation once dominated by REI’s #OptOutside trend. Best Buy mentions increased by 86% year-over-year. 164K 74K 7670% 15K -19% 18K +12% Year-Over-Year % Change

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KEY TOPICS OF CONVERSATION 165K Conversation surrounding Best Buy increased 86% over last year. This increase was due to the Black Friday Pre-Sale that occurred in select stores on November 7th and a contest that took place on Twitter. Consumers are still continuing to scope out where the best sales will take place – comparing store deals with online promotions. REI continues to lead the conversation by choosing to close its store during Black Friday. The #OptOutside hashtag was used more than 39K times in relation to the brand. 85K 74K

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SENTIMENT Positive sentiment was driven by: Excitement continues to grow as Black Friday fast approaches. Negative sentiment is driven by consumers who do not want to lose family time and/or spend time in the stores.

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MEDIA CHANNELS 59.4% increase on Twitter since 2014 Most retweeted topic: “REI will close its stores on Black Friday” 1.5B impressions on Twitter in relation to Black Friday

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TOP HASHTAGS 59K #BlackFriday #OptOutside #BestBuy 40K 19K

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TOP PRODUCT MENTIONS 27% of conversation was about TVs. Samsung was the brand most mentioned, with 2K. Clothing sales (jeans, jackets, and intimate apparel), smartphones (Apple and Samsung), and footwear (Converse, Uggs, and New Balance) were frequently mentioned.