Greater Expectations: Engaging the new retail consumer

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Matt Holt Director, Digital Strategy at OgilvyOne @MattSocial Greater Expectations: Engaging the new retail consumer

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Consumers needs aren’t changing. Consumer expectations are

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Disney’s magic brand brings the new retail experience to life

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Disney’s Magic Band

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Consumer expectations have increased in two major areas Customer Experience The physical and digital blur Continuous Commerce Commerce commerce everywhere

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The physical and digital blur

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What consumers expect Consumers expect ease, simplicity and seamlessness between the digital and physical worlds. The the barrier between ‘offline’ and ‘online’ is increasingly blurred, and consumers seek a frictionless experience between touch points.

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Even in 2011, we had Adidas’ virtual footwear wall

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M&S Endless Aisle And we saw a virtual shop from Homeplus in South Korea

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35% of UK consumers have used Click and Collect this year

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Physical stores convey brand identity and become ‘labs’ to study consumer behaviour and solicit feedback

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Brands like Warby Parker are leveraging the digital and physical to make the customer experience easy, consistent, and seamless. It’s a brand differentiator.

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Brands such as Everlane are leveraging digital tools to enrich the real world customer experience

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What is the implication for brands? Every time we consider a consumer’s buying experience in the real world, we need to consider how digital and physical (and even virtual) can combine to create a really powerful experience across the customer journey. This is no longer a ‘nice to have’ - consumers expect it and the best experiences blur the lines.

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2. Commerce, commerce everywhere

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What consumers expect Consumers expect a smooth segue from browsing to buying. Social commerce platforms inspire brand consideration and purchase intent, and brands need to be able to deliver in those moments. To say that consumers expect an easy experience doesn’t mean that commerce can’t be social, emotional, or fun. Leading brands are leveraging digital to deliver on rational & emotional needs.

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The return of social commerce “It’s impossible to write an article about social commerce without referring to the much heralded false dawn that was Facebook Commerce. That failed as it was just bolting a catalogue and a store onto a social network and did not make the actual sales process social. In other words, it was not ‘social commerce’.” Gideon Lask, Former Head of eCommerce HMV

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Could ‘buy now’ on social networks go the same way?

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Or does ‘endless browsing’ now have an end in sight…?

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We know that ? of active pinners use Pinterest to plan for the future

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Fashion disrupter Net-a-Porter leads the industry with its latest social commerce app. ‘The Net Set’ combines the ease & convenience of digital with the emotion and magic of shopping in store.

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It’s now so easy to purchase Amazon Dash suggests that when it comes to retail, sometimes ‘easy’ beats ‘brilliant’

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Retailers will continue to innovate in the ‘delivery’ space

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People want home deliveries again

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What is the implication for brands? If technology makes purchase in the moment so easy, then we need to make it easy as possible to help customers buy the brand. Only by understanding the customer journey and their needs can we construct relevant purchase triggers. Buying moments aren’t limited to the conversion section of the customer journey – you’ll find them if you look hard enough.

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Closing thoughts Rather than just marketing to customers we need to talk about creating best in class consumer experiences for them. Customer-led is the key to retail success A lot of the technology is available right this moment, brands just haven’t yet pieced it all together to create a coherent experience The customer journey is no longer linear in nature-thanks in large part to digital, the process has become lateral. It’s up to brands to provide an experience that consistently delivers on customer expectations at the relevant points of the customer journey

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Matt Holt Director, Digital Strategy at OgilvyOne @MattSocial Greater Expectations: Engaging the new retail consumer