The Ultimate Christmas Wish List for Men and Women

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The Ultimate Christmas wish listfor MEN & WOMEN VIDEO GAME 1 CONSOLE 2 LAPTOP/ ACCESSORIES CLOTHES/ 3 SHOES TABLETS TV SMART PHONES SMART WATCHES SPEAKERS/ HEADPHONES VEHICLE/ACCESSORIES KITCHEN APPLIANCES 4 5 6 CLOTHES/ SHOES COOK WARE GIFT CARD GIFT CARD/ MONEY KITCHEN APPLIANCES TABLETS SMART PHONES 7 JEWELRY 8 9 10 LAPTOP/ ACCESSORIES WATCH VEHICLE This infographic is based on the results of a nationwide survey with 500 men and 500 women. On average, male respondents were 37 and female respondents were 38. Field Agent, the pioneer in mobile audits and research, is changing the way the world collects location-specific information and insights. @FieldAgentInc | marketing@fieldagent.net

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