47 Stats for Remarkable Holiday Marketing in 2015

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The holiday season is quickly approaching – an exciting time for B2B and B2C companies alike. Consumers shop for gadgets and gifts, while businesses buy new products and wrap up budgets for the following year. All companies need to think about how to make lovable marketing that will earn them business in this high volume, high stakes season. This SlideShare will dive into important stats from the past couple of seasons to help you take advantage of the top marketing trends that successful businesses are using. Happy Holidays!

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The 2015 State of Online Holiday Shopping

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U.S. retail holiday sales are expected to increase 5.7% year-over-year, reaching $885.70 billion SOURCE: EMARKETER

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U.S. ecommerce retail spending is projected to reach $79.5 billion this holiday season, up 13.9% from $69.7 billion last year SOURCE: EMARKETER

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This year, average holiday spending per person will reach $805.65 SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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49% of marketers begin their holiday campaigns before Halloween SOURCE: STEELHOUSE

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1/4 In 2014, of consumers began their holiday shopping before Halloween SOURCE: IPSOS MEDIA

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134 million people shopped online and in stores over Thanksgiving weekend last year SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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52% of shoppers say they rely less on Black Friday than they did in the past SOURCE: DELOITTE SOURCE: IPSOS MEDIACT/GOOGLE

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74% of retailers say 20% or more of their annual sales occur during the holiday season SOURCE: CHANNEL ADVISOR

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46% of holiday browsing and buying will take place online SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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3/4 of shoppers plan to spend the same or more than last year this holiday season SOURCE: DELOITTE

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Takeaway: Holiday shopping has expanded far beyond the walls of the shopping mall. This holiday season, convenience is the name of the game. So whether that means going to the local brickand-mortar, searching mobile apps, or even both at the same time, retailers must prepare for the omnichannel consumer if they are going to create marketing that delights. What’s the best way to attract new business and maintain customer loyalty during the holidays? Learn how marketers are optimizing each of their channels in the following sections.

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Mobile & Search

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This holiday season, U.S. retail mobile commerce sales are expected to rise 32.2% SOURCE: EMARKETER

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For many retailers this year, mobile visits will surpass the 50% mark, making it the first mobiledominant holiday season SOURCE: EXPERIAN

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37.9% s of shopper h will researcn products o their e smartphon SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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1 in 5 will use their smartphone to look up product availability while in-store SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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21.4% of smartphone owners will use their device to purchase holiday merchandise this year SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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47.5% 34.5% of tablet owners will use their device to research products will make a holiday purchase from their tablet SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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25 million holiday shoppers will use a mobile device to shop on Cyber Monday SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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Online research prior to purchase will influence 51% of purchases, up 8 percentage points from last year SOURCE: DELOITTE

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75% of consumers anticipate their gifts will come from the same retailers as last year SOURCE: DELOITTE

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70% of consumers will consider a new brand for better prices SOURCE: DELOITTE

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36% of shoppers will showroom — find a product they want in a brick-and-mortar store and then go online to find a better deal SOURCE: EXPERIAN

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69% of shoppers will webroom — look for products online but purchase them in a physical store SOURCE: DELOITTE

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In the last year, searches for “nearby” or “near me” have risen 1.8 times SOURCE: EXPERIAN

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Takeaway: Be prepared to have all of your web content just as accessible on mobile as it is on a desktop. How do your emails look on a smartphone? Can people easily filter your product catalog on their tablet? Are all of your landing pages optimized with responsive design? Create each piece of your website with the on-the-go visitor in mind. Mobile content consumption is growing rapidly, and being unprepared could cause your marketing to take a major hit.

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91% of marketers used email to reach holiday customers last year SOURCE: EXPERIAN

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In 2014, email was the primary marketing channel for driving ecommerce orders, accounting for 23.1% of all Thanksgiving weekend orders SOURCE: MARKETING LAND

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85% of consumers say an email with a coupon code would influence them to buy SOURCE: PWC

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78% of people expect a retailer’s email promotions to include personalized offers and recommendations SOURCE: MAGNETIC

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10 8 in ho sign mers w emails consu brand up for e a purchase will makon what they based in their inbox receive SOURCE: SALESFORCE

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Retailers saw an 88% increase in email revenue when sending two mailings in a day during last holiday season SOURCE: EXPERIAN

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Takeaway: Inboxes are a cluttered, chaotic place. To be sure your email gets clicked, set a precedent of value for each of your messages. Use email to send a mix of enjoyable content, holiday coupons, and personalized product suggestions. When in doubt, be helpful. The holidays can be a stressful time. Let your emails help guide potential customers through their shopping pain points. Remember, the key to remarkable marketing is crafting the emails your audience looks forward to receiving.

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Social Media

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51% of holiday shoppers will use social media to get gift ideas 50% will use social media to find discounts and sale information SOURCE: DELOITTE

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13% of shoppers turn to Facebook for holiday shopping inspiration SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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8.8% of shoppers will use Pinterest for holiday shopping inspiration SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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40% of SMBs plan to use social media to promote products and holiday deals SOURCE: AMERICAN EXPRESS

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67% SOURCE: SOCIALCHORUS of millennials say they have never clicked on a sponsored post

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95% of millennials say their friends are the most credible source of product information SOURCE: SOCIAL CHORUS

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Facebook accounts for 50% of total social referrals and 64% of total social revenue SOURCE: BUSINESS INSIDER

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Takeaway: Few things boost awareness for your products like brand evangelists. Balance your holiday social media calendar with engaging content and glowing product reviews that are easy for your most loyal customers to share. Prioritize content that is visually appealing for the fastscrolling social media user. Finally, seek out storytelling opportunities in your posts. As social media users increasingly favor more personal and substantive content, think of each post as an opportunity to delight potential customers with the very item missing from their wish list.

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78% of shoppers used the internet for holiday shopping research last year SOURCE: IPSOS MEDIA

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73.1% of consumers say sales are a factor in their holiday shopping decisions SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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alf nh tha e or M will goe ppers websit f sho nd’s o bra r coupons to a k fo to loo SOURCE: ADWEEK

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47% of holiday shoppers consider free shipping or shipping promotions as a key factor in their purchasing decision SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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87% of shoppers prefer free shipping offers over fast shipping SOURCE: DELOITTE

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66% of marketers say educational holiday marketing content is beneficial to their site traffic and bottom line SOURCE: CONDUCTOR

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Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI SOURCE: HUBSPOT, STATE OF INBOUND 2014

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In 2014, organic search drove 21% of online holiday orders SOURCE: MARKETING LAND

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Total online holiday sales are projected to reach $105 billion this holiday season SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION

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Takeaway: As you build out your holiday marketing strategy, don’t forget about your website usability. Prepare for the rise of omnichannel shoppers by checking the mobile responsiveness of your product pages and landing pages. Use your homepage and sidebar real estate to promote your best performing marketing materials, whether it be coupons, a specific CTA, or a helpful piece of content. Finally, don’t forget about your blog! Craft blog content that relates to your persona’s needs and thoughtfully tees up the promotion of your products and services.

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