Disruptive Content Marketing, Disciplined Results

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Disruptive Content Marketing, Disciplined Results Geoffrey Colon, Microsoft Search Advertising / @djgeoffe / #ISUM15

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Hello, I’m Geoffrey Colon… @djgeoffe

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I’d Like Your Participation Today… @djgeoffe

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I’d Like You to Share What You Learn… @djgeoffe

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Because The World of Marketing In the 21st Century Is About Participating… @djgeoffe

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Because Marketing, Like Life, Imitates Art… @djgeoffe

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Participation Helps Us All Learn… @djgeoffe

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We All Participate When We Seek Solutions… @djgeoffe

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Which Allow Us To Perform Actions… @djgeoffe

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Many “Experts” Say These Solutions Can Be Found Via Content... @djgeoffe

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But We’re Overloaded with Information. @djgeoffe

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Let’s Disrupt How We Think About Content Marketing… @djgeoffe

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The World of Marketing Isn’t Really About “Content”... @djgeoffe

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It’s Not Even About Technology… @djgeoffe

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It’s About… @djgeoffe

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People, Participation, Experiences… @djgeoffe

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Our Wants, Needs, Feelz, Frustrations… @djgeoffe

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Our Place In The World. @djgeoffe

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What Is Relevant. @djgeoffe

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So How Do We Connect In a World of Abundance? @djgeoffe

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To Define the Future? @djgeoffe

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Authenticity. @djgeoffe

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Authenticity… Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one's own personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures. A lack of authenticity is considered in existentialism to be bad faith. @djgeoffe

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How Do We Show Authenticity? @djgeoffe

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We Share Via Biologically-Rooted Logic & Emotions… Biologically we are wired to share. Not just food, water and resources, but information too. The section of the brain called the bilateral TPJ is dedicated to what other people think and feel. The TPJ allows the association of emotions to events or individuals, aiding in the decision making process. @djgeoffe

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We Share Via Storytelling… Storytelling was an ancient form of sharing. We had to share in order to survive. Our past is prologue. @djgeoffe

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And Enhance with Storymaking via Actions Made By Groups of People… Real Life Examples: #OccupyWallStreet #Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter #NoSyrianRefugees #Anonymous #GrowthHacking #LeanStartup #disruptivefm #PPCChat “We use other people's brains to navigate the world: to acquire skills and practices, and to access knowledge systems of long-dead strangers. We call this 'culture'.” ? Mark Earls @djgeoffe

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Top Down Communication is Strong Tied but S L O W… Top Down Usually Uses Closed networks at specific audience e.g., Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS Text, Email (Internal) Network Communication Usually Uses Open networks. Information spreads quicker, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat and then can be discovered via search: Bing or Google @djgeoffe

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When We Participate We Must Think of Groups Rather Than Individuals… CMO Chief Digital Officer Marketing Director Marketing Manager Search Marketing Manager Social Media Manager Marketing Department Digital Marketing Team Search Engine Marketing Team Paid Advertising Team Social Media Marketing Team @djgeoffe

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Why Do We Still Use “Spray and Pray?” @djgeoffe

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When There Is A Better People-Centric Way? @djgeoffe

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Because the Storytelling Shared Tells Us That Quantified Amplification Works… @djgeoffe

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The Biologically Rooted Process Is Working… @djgeoffe

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But We Can Disrupt Such Thinking Because We Can Connect With Our Desired Audience… @djgeoffe

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By Creating New Categories That Didn’t Exist… @djgeoffe

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In Order To Differentiate Ourselves… @djgeoffe

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From All of the Noise and Clutter. @djgeoffe

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We Should Strive To Be Like a Mix of Leonardo DaVinci and Oprah Winfrey and Grace Hopper and Russell Simmons…Generalist Hybrids @djgeoffe

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Instead of Being a Specialist…Be A Ronda Rousey @djgeoffe

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Diversify Your Experiences and Your Skills… @djgeoffe

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Have Your Audience Talking Even When Things Go Awry… @djgeoffe

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What 5 Diverse Factors Can Help Us? @djgeoffe

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Again, It All Begins By Understanding… @djgeoffe

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Live the Culture, Understand the Audience, Concentrate on Feelings… @djgeoffe

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Utilize Your Matrix of Tools… People Distribution to a Targeted Audience Based on Context Diversified Content Creation Content Measurement Audience Evolution as a Result of Behavioral Change Due to Technology @djgeoffe

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Put Them Into Action As a Marketing Generalist… Search Social Email Post-Digital Influencers Video Thought Leadership Customer Listening @djgeoffe

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And Remember… @djgeoffe

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Thank You… @djgeoffe Blog.BingAds.com E: gcolon@microsoft.com linkedin.com/in/geoffreycolon