Advertising: Speed Dating Edition

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Speed Dating On Advertising TOMASZ BORYS LARRY KIM

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LARRY KIM TOMASZ BORYS Founder, Wordstream Director of Marketing, Kissmetrics @larrykim @tbcali Larry loves energy drinks, recording his travels via drone technology, and crafting thought leader-y stuff for Wordstream. Tomasz loves dipping his feet in the river while fishing, injuring his thumb while gaming, hacking away at a golf ball, and driving demand at Kissmetrics. He also has a son #PPCKID He’s also the biggest fan of gummy bears.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Contextual Advertising 2 CRM Targeting 3 Look-a-Like Advertising 4 Content Distribution 5 SEM Search Display 6 Retargeting 7 Social Media

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Contextual Advertising

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CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING What is Contextual Advertising? Ads that are contextually relevant to the context of the page that the prospect is on How Does it Work? Scans specific keywords in an article or website, and returns advertisements that appear on that specific article or website

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CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING Upside? Good indicator of what the user is interested in Downside? How many layers can you add? Is the reader ready to buy?

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ADWORDS DISPLAY Poorly structured ad group Effectively structured ad group Ad group: Bakery Ad group: Cookies ! ! Keywords:! Keywords:! ! ! chocolate chip cookies! oatmeal cookies! snickerdoodles! chewy brownies! brownies with nuts! dark chocolate brownies! red velvet cupcakes! vanilla cupcakes! chocolate cupcakes! chocolate chip cookies! oatmeal cookies! snickerdoodles! ! Ad group: Brownies ! Keywords:! ! chewy brownies! brownies with nuts! dark chocolate brownies! ! Ad group: Cupcakes ! Keywords:! ! red velvet cupcakes! vanilla cupcakes! chocolate cupcakes!

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CRM (re)Targeting

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CRM TARGETING What is CRM Targeting? Transferring information that used to be offline-only from into an online platform to create smarter decisions or to drive promotions. How Does it Work? Matching cookies with the online/offline CRM data of your customers or leads.

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CRM TARGETING Upside? Target & control specifically who you want to target off of an email list. Downside? You will never get a 100% match rate.

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Easy Implementation in Facebook

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Google AdWords too!

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Match Rate?

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List Size: 145,000 Facebook: 70,300 (48%) Google: 85,000 (59%)

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LookaLike Advertising

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LOOKALIKE ADVERTISING What is LookaLike Advertising? Finding people who behave or look the same way as your web visitors or customers How Does it Work? Anonymously matching prospects' cookies against the data-based characteristics of your web visitors or customers.

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LOOKALIKE ADVERTISING Upside? If you’ve have exhausted your CRM campaign, Lookalike allows your to expand that list to reach more similar users! And you can segment so the further you’re down the funnel, potentially the better quality. Downside? It’s hard to say how that LookaLike Audience looks until the campaign is live and your analyzing the data.

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LOOKALIKE ADVERTISING       Understand your audience’s unique browsing behaviors. Match behaviors against real-time data of the online universe - based on the similarity to your current audience. Advertise and optimize, serving ads to the highest ranking targets. www.quantcast.com/contact

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Content Distribution

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CONTENT DISTRIBUTION What is Content Distribution? Leveraging media channels in order to reach new audiences with content offerings. How Does it Work? Platform offering to help Internet publishers increase web traffic by presenting them with relevant website links.

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CONTENT DISTRIBUTION Upside? Promoting content relevant articles, blogs, news, etc through a massive network of websites for a reasonable price. Downside? You can't just promote a product and lead them to a typical landing page or gated page. Other mediums to push content through, but it takes work vs just pouring money into a service like this.

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Internal External newsletters social webinars demos eBooks guides infographics LinkedIn Groups FB Groups Product Hunt Reddit GrowthHackers List.ly Publishers Paid Paid Distributors Social Promo

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RETARGETING     Drive quality traffic to your content from premium publishers like CNN, FORTUNE, Mashable, TIME and thousand more. Choose what you pay per click starting as low as $10/day. www.outbrain.com/amplify

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Google AdWords

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SEM What is SEM? A model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. How Does it Work? Every time our ad is clicked, sending a visitor to our website, we have to pay the search engine a small fee. When PPC is working correctly, the fee is trivial, because the visit is worth more than what you pay for it.

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SEM Upside? This is a great acquisition channel, it works best for companies selling products that people are already looking for, but don’t know where to find. Downside? It’s harder for PPC advertisers to sell to demographics rather than targeting specific keywords.

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SEM 1.  2.  3.  4.  Try Call-Only Campaigns Test Customer Match- New to AdWords Use Ad Extensions When Applicable Try Emotional Ad Copy lorem ipsum lorem ipsum HAPPY SURPRISE SAD FEAR DISGUST ANGER

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SEM WordStream Performance Grader •  •  •  A free, instant PPC audit in under a minute! Grades your AdWords account performance based on the 8 PPC metrics that really matter. Compares how you’re doing against other accounts of similar size (monthly spend).

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DISPLAY What is Display? The Google Display Network is massive; across this network of millions of websites, apps, and videos, you can reach 93 percent of all Internet users. How Does it Work? Your ads can be automatically matched to websites and other placements like mobile phone apps, when your keywords are related to the sites' content.

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DISPLAY Upside? The key is in knowing how to make the most of Google Display, to lower your CPCs, increase conversion, and improve your ROI. lorem ipsum Downside? Half of Ads generate

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DISPLAY How Does Google Search Decide Which Display Ad is Shown Where? Ad Rank = Quality Score x Max CPC Bid Amount #SocialPro #23B3 @larrykim

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DISPLAY 1.  Display Ad Builder 2.  Use Google Web Designer for HTML5 Ads 3.  Target In-Market Audiences & Specific Demographics 4.  Custom Affinity Audiences lorem ipsum lorem ipsum

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RETARGETING What is Retargeting? A form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions, in situations where these actions did not result in a sale or conversion. How Does it Work?

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RETARGETING Buy Now Upside? Stay in front of potential prospects, especially if you are paying for traffic. A recent study by Forrester Research suggests that up to 96% of users don’t convert on their first visit. It is also incredibly powerful for brand building. Downside? Some people perceive remarketing as stalking, but..

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RETARGETING Remarketing Combats Ad Fatigue

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RETARGETING     Retargeting converts window-shoppers by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your targeted ads to them as they visit other sites online. Prospect and retarget customers intelligently across devices on Facebook, Twitter, Apple iAd, and millions of websites. www.adroll.com delight@adroll.com @adroll

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Social Media Ads

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(a) Paid Social Ads Provide Highly Scalable Content Promotion STAR T/G O AMPLIFY Selectively promote top content on social media 1 2 CREATE Produce content & share on social TAG Build remarketing audience by tagging site visitors with a cookie 3

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(b) Social Ads Turn Visitors into Leads & Customers ADVERTISE Target your audience with display & social ads promoting offers 4 FILTER Apply behavioral and demographic filters on audience CONVERT Capture qualified leads or sale 5 EN D/ REPE AT 6

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“Relevancy Score” in Facebook HIGHER POST ENGAGEMENT = Higher Relevance Score HIGHER RELEVANCE SCORE = More Impression Share and Lower Cost Per Engagement

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“Quality Adjusted Bid” in Twitter HIGHER Relevance, Resonance, Recency = HIGHER Quality Adjusted Bid = MORE Ad Impressions at Lower Cost RESONANCE: Are consumers engaging your Tweet? Do they retweet, favorite, or reply? RELEVANCE: Is your Tweet related to things a user is interested in? RECENCY: Is your Tweet fresh? Fresher Tweets get higher priority.

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Higher Engagement Rate = (Much) Lower Cost Per Engagement 68% Engagement Rate Cost per engagement 37% 21% 7% $.005 $.02 $.03 $.08 1% $3.00 #SocialPro #23B3 @larrykim

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“Quality Adjusted Bid” in Twitter = 1% Increase in Post Engagement 5% Reduction in Cost Per Engagement!

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Get a High Quality Score! (Duh) High Post Engagement = High Quality Scores High QS (Great!) •  High Ad Impression Share •  Low Cost Per Engagement •  More Qualified People! Low QS (Terrible!) •  Low Ad Impression Share •  High Cost Per Engagement •  More Unqualified Randos… #SocialPro #23B3 @larrykim

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Demographic Ad Targeting in Facebook

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Demographic Ad Targeting in Twitter

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Precise Ad Targeting Boosts Engagement Rate

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“Partner Audiences” in Twitter

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New “Tailored Audiences” or “Custom Audiences” #SocialPro #23B3 @larrykim

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Facebook Call Buttons

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New Facebook Social Direct Response Ad Formats

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SOCIAL MEDIA WordStream Advisor now Supports Social Advertising • Advertise on Facebook • Set Cost Per Action Goals • Build Beautiful Mobile Responsive Landing Pages

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Start Your Free Kissmetrics Trial LOG IN WITH GOOGLE

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Questions? LARRY KIM TOMASZ BORYS Founder, Wordstream Director of Marketing, Kissmetrics @larrykim @tbcali lkim@wordstream.com tborys@kissmetrics.com

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