3 Reasons why Emojis Should be Important for Marketers

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FOR Robert Katai

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Yes, We Can with EMOJIS

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Even these guys recognize the power of emojis

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Is this important for Marketing?

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I give you 3 Reasons why Emojis are Important for Marketers

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1 The importance of Visual Marketing

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Resources: NeoMan Studios More than 50% of your brain is involved in visual proccesing 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes

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2 The Millennials Language

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Millennials spend an average 25 h. online / week, and 91% are regular Internet users

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Ditch B2C, go for H2H , Human-to-Human communication.

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“ Internet and digital technology play an increasingly important role in their lives, starting with how they form their identity and how they experiment with their social identity. Professor Urs Gasser, Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University

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3 Emojis mean time

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“ Time is a valuable thing / Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings / Watch it count down to the end of the day Linkin Park - In The End

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Time is a VALUABLE RESOURCE for every marketer.

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the Right Type Of Content, for the Right Context, at the Right Time

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