Social Media Strategy for Local Businesses

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for local businesses Stephen Kenwright | | @stekenwright Photo: BBC

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Whatever size your operation, you are competing for attention

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Big brands might not be on your high street but they are in your customers’ feeds

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Broadband Choices

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People talk about bad choices We are about making a good choice Surprise & delight

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Conversation Truth Value

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Conversation Truth Your value can be your authenticity

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You need to know what your customers are talking about …and what you want to say to them Value

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What should you be talking about?

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What everyone talks about  Offers  Awards  Press

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What else?  Offers  Awards  Press  Staff  Manufacturing your products  What people do with your products

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Recipes Locally Sourced Competitions Collaboration with other businesses Events (#GBBO) Photos of catering / restaurants

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Your CSR is more authentic than a corporation’s

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What action do you want people to take?

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You need people to leave their homes Photo: Matthew Wiebe

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Engage with other local businesses* *maybe not competitors Photo: Matthew Wiebe

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User generated content Photo: gratisography.com

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Reviews are more valuable than Likes Sources: gratisography.com

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Facebook reviews show in Google Google+ reviews

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TripAdvisor is a social network… …respond to criticism (and compliments)

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Respond positively…

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Don’t post without images Photo: gratisography.com

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It’s easier for you to show behind the scenes than it is for Tesco or Amazon Photo: gratisography.com

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Which networks are right for local businesses?

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Essentials  Facebook  Google My Business  Twitter

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Options  Facebook Pinterest  Google My Business Instagram  Twitter

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Facebook is not a tool for customer acquisition…paid advertising is mandatory for content to be seen

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73% of Facebook users said they will unlike a business that posts too frequently Source: HubSpot

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You can post too often… …you can’t respond too often

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 Post in groups  Don’t just post about yourself

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Twitter is better for generating awareness

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See who follows other local businesses and reach out

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 Use hashtags  @users in tweets, not at the beginning

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 Tag users in photos  Use photos for offers

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Google My Business is not Google+* *anymore

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Finally We have a 7 page “social media handbook” that basically just says don’t be a dick.

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Thank you stephen.kenwright@branded3.com @stekenwright slideshare.net/Branded3

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