Marketing to Millennials: The Statistics you Need to Know

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Marketing to Millennials The Statistics You Need to Know

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Millennials are notoriously difficult to market to. As digital natives—they are skeptical of traditional marketing. This presents a unique challenge, as marketers will need to prioritize the values that matter most to Millennials—such as authenticity, individualism, and brand experience—in order to connect with this elusive audience. Here’s what you need to know.

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33% of Millennials will represent 33% of adults in 2020. Brookings Institution, 2014

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84% of Millennials claim that they “do not like or trust all forms of advertising.” The McCarthy Group, 2014 Pro Tip Market to Millennials through their peers. Millennials will listen if you can get your influencers talking about your brand online.

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71% of Millennials are daily users of social networks and are spending a daily average of 5.4 hours on social platforms. Ipsos, 2014 Pro Tip Engage with Millennials on the platforms that they are already active on. Set up social media accounts and partake in the conversation around your brand.

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87% of Millennials use two to three devices at least once a day. Elite Daily, 2014 Pro Tip Streamline your marketing experience across devices. Your brand experience should be consistent no matter how your customers choose to interact.

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50% of all Millennials have taken a selfie and shared it online. Pew Research Center poll, 2014 Pro Tip Millennials are willing and eager to participate in the conversation around your brand. Encourage more social posts by running photo contests and campaigns.

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47% of Millennials have downloaded an ecommerce app on their phone. Pixlee, 2014 Pro Tip Keep your ecommerce site clean and simple. Millennials cite “ease of use” as the main reason for downloading a mobile app.

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64% of Millennials prefer understated luxury to the conspicuous kind and savvy brands have taken note. Intelligence group, 2014 Pro Tip Buy into the culture of mass-individualism. Millennials want to be recognized and featured for their unique contributions to your brand.

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81% show a preference for customized products. Intelligence group, 2014 Pro Tip Millennials love a personal touch. This means directing addition online attention to 1-1 conversations in order to build brand loyalty.

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63% say they’re more likely to be loyal to a brand that has a strong personality. Intelligence group, 2014 Pro Tip Remember that your brand represents a lifestyle. Keep it bold and creative, and you’ll hold onto Millennials’ attention.

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