Top 10 Retail Trends

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10 TOP Future Retail Trends

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01 Fewer but more impactful stores In the future: Shoppers will have to pay for home delivery, loyalty cards will become a thing of the past, pure-play retail will cease to exist and checkoutless stores will become a reality.

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02 Working together to stand apart More retailers to join forces by 2020

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03 Race for the most convenient store experience

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04 Personalisation to reach new heights Personalisation → Mass → Mass Personalisation Currently, only 15% of global shoppers receive and immediately redeem real-time promotions and discounts via their mobile while in a particular store. However, 38% of shoppers would like to do this.

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05 End of points-based loyalty cards The end is nigh for points-based loyalty cards. The rise of shopper promiscuity and general strive for more honest, transparent pricing has had a detrimental impact on traditional loyalty schemes. The future will revolve around personalisation, digitisation and gamification.

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06 Power of the peer Retailing will become: Far more personalised, socially-inluenced, collaborative and seamless.

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07 Cracking the final mile Free delivery is unsustainable. In the future, shoppers will have to pay for low-value online orders.

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08 Death of pure play

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09 Click and collect Half of shoppers are inluenced by a retailer’s ability to offer convenient collection points for online purchases.

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10 From one-click to no-click At-home replenishment to become commonplace

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10 TOP Future Retail Trends

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