The Secrets to Building a Better Brand

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The Secrets to Building a Better Brand

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Provides your foundation

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Makes selling easier

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Sorry, it’s not all about you

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It’s about your customer

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BRAND EXPERIENCE Benefit Benefit Benefit Features/ Proof Points Features/ Proof Points Features/ Proof Points MESSAGING FRAMEWORK BRAND PERSONALITY Unique Promise of Value Three core brand elements

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Make it your own

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Surprise and Delight

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Create moments to celebrate

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Immerse me in an experience

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No detail is too small

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Start with a lean approach

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Iterate—it gets better

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Start with the name

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        LOGO GOES HERE Using Digital Marketing to Establish XXXXXXXX as the Premier Industry Event Proposal June 12, 2015 INVOICE  XXXXXXXXXXXXX    Leigh George  freedom  XXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXX  leighgeorge@findfreedom.co      May 21, 2015    XXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX    This invoice covers the following activities performed in the three weeks between April  28 and May 12, 2015, including:          ● Create launch plan   ● Urban Winery tasting   ● Present launch plan, discussions around the details of the plan to craft a plan  that accommodates the needs and resources of the client  ● Consultation around the piano proposal   ● Edits to the “story” for the wine labels  ● Email summarizing PR recommendations  ● First draft of revised copy for the website, plus a round of revisions    TOTAL DUE: $XXXXX    Please consider this information proprietary, confidential and for your eyes only

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▪ Create brands at the intersection of your passion and what your customers care about ▪ Reinvent ordinary business materials through your unique perspective ▪ Build immersive experiences that create emotional connections ▪ Start with the basics and iterate Don’t forget…

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Connect with me Leigh George, PhD CEO, freedom Email: leighgeorge@findfreedom.co Twitter: @leighgeorge LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/leighgeorge

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