Going International

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Going International How to Localize your Email Campaigns

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The "Mr. Worldwide" Award Goes To... Jacques Corby-Tuech Curse Inc @iamacyborg Ros Hodgekiss Campaign Monitor @yarrcat

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Understand: The localization opportunity Content and compliance challenges Learn about: The tools and techniques used The key players that should be involved in localization See: Real-world examples of international email campaigns What You'll Get From This Talk

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More than 70% of the world’s 2.3 billion Internet users are not native English speakers

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56.2% of consumers say the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

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Mo' Languages, Mo' Problems

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Hard, but not impossible

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Regional Organizations Local teams Sometimes multiple agencies Franchised businesses One Central Organization Less local knowledge One agency/ESP Central management Who Sends International Campaigns?

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Example: ETX Capital All handled from UK office Translated in-house & agencies All HTML managed in-house 21 distinct websites 18 languages One ESP

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6 continents, 100 countries Campaigns managed by local offices Use one Campaign Monitor account Example: British Council

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Example: British Council

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Example: Birchbox

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What type of company are you? What resources do you have?

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… will save your life. Agile Collaboration Tools

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… will save your life. Agile Collaboration Tools

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Time zone differences Production Translations Signoff You Need More Time

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Delivery rates - as well as opens and clicks - differ from region to region China has very low daily delivery thresholds (Tencent, QQ) May be necessary to "batch send" Engagement & Delivery: Different Conditions

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Legislation, by region: US: The CAN-SPAM Act Canada: CASL Europe: Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive China: Regulations on Internet Email Services Australia: The Spam Act Email opt-in is king. When in doubt, talk to your ESP Compliance: Different Laws in Different Regions

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Not all promotions are created equal: Sweepstakes in Massachusetts Sweepstakes in Quebec Gambling around the world (FCA, CYSEC, FSP) When in doubt, consult a legal professional Compliance: Different Laws in Different Regions

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Quiz Taiwan: Traditional, or Simplified Chinese?

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Languages vs. Regions

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A Multi-Regional Approach Links to Language Versions "All-in-One" Blizzard example Global Eyes example

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Geo-Targeting vs. Preference Centers | Language Segments, Dynamic Content A Multi-Regional Approach Campaign Monitor dynamic header

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One Size Doesn't Fit All

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Click here Cliquez ici ???? kliknete zde klicken Sie hier bitte ?????????? ???????? кликнете тук

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Cultural differences Appropriate imagery Body language and facial expressions Hands, feet and eyes in Asian cultures Tone: Swiss are punctual, Italians emotional It's the Little Things....

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Spelling & Grammar (British vs. American English) Dates and times (including pesky daylight saving time) Currencies It's the Little Things....

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Direction & Character Encoding Right-to-left Arabic Hebrew Line-breaks break things Thai Chinese (x2!) Encoding Greek Russian

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Character Encoding Encoding - depends on your ESP

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Right-to-Left style="text-align:right; direction:rtl;" <html dir="rtl">

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So Many Preferences

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So Many Preferences

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Remember… Companies Process Design HTML & Code Don't think you'll be doing everything, all by yourself. In Summary...

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Merci ! Thank You! Jacques Corby-Tuech Curse Inc @iamacyborg Ros Hodgekiss Campaign Monitor @yarrcat