9 Questions to See if You're Ready for Inbound Marketing

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9  QUESTIONS     TO  DETERMINE     IF  YOU’RE  READY  FOR  INBOUND  MARKETING   Disclaimer:    All  images  of  the  Minions  are  ©Universal  Studios  

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Q1:  Are  you  looking  for  customers  for  your   product  or  service?   Your  website  needs  to  aJract  the  right  audience  –  with  the  right   messaging  and  the  right  value  proposiMon.  

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Q2:  Do  you  know  the  different  types  of   visitors  coming  to  your  site?   Buyer  personas  help  idenMfy  and  craP  your  message  for  your   ideal  customer.  Are  you  new  to  buyer  personas?  Check  out   www.makemypersona.com   Bachelors Emeritus Prof

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Q3:  Do  you  treat  your  loyal  customers  like   heroes?   Loyal  customers  are  the  best  promoters  for  your  product  or   service.  

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Q4:  Does  your  messaging  vary  for  different   visitors?   Personalized  messaging  for  first  Mme  visitors  and  loyal   customers  gets  users  to  take  the  acMon  you  want  them  to  take.  

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Q5:  Do  you  know  your  audience  outside  of   your  website?   Monitoring  your  audience  behavior  across  your  website  and   social  media  helps  you  craP  the  right  message.  

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Q6:  Do  your  visitors  always     fill  up  forms?   Take  customers  on  the  buyers’  journey  a  step  at  a  Mme  every   Mme  they  visit  your  website.  Your  landing  pages  need  to  get   visitors  closer  to  the  sales  funnel.    

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Q7:  Does  your  content  educate  your   audience?   InformaMon  that  adds  value  to  users  increases  the   trustworthiness  of  your  brand  and  amplifies  your  presence  on   social  media.    

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Q8:  Do  you  segment  your  database  for   different  users?   SegmentaMon  is  powerful  when  used  to  send  the  right  message   to  the  right  audience  –  MarkeMng  Nirvana.  

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Q9:  Does  your  business  have  repeat   purchases?   Keeping  your  subscribers  acMve  is  one  of  the  most  daunMng   tasks  for  marketers.  It  is  essenMal  to  keep  your  subscribers/users   informed  of  the  value  that  you  provide  to  reduce  churn.  

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If  you  answered  ‘yes’  to  most  of  the   quesLons  and  want  to  know  more  about   Inbound  MarkeLng?       Email:  hello@happymarketer.com   Call:  +65  66538060   Tweet:  @HMarketer  

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