How to Make Your Content Strategy 'Green'

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Your Content Strategy Goes Green Repurpose, reuse & recycle across business needs

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No matter your business function, content is the core of your communication — internally and externally.

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A solid content strategy supports meaningful, interactive experiences. Content is needed to: Technical training Train employees Professional development Generate business leads Educate customers Engage with your community Drive site traffic Support mobile apps

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Content can generally be categorized into three areas: text photo video

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Content should always be digital mobile searchable sharEable

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Whether you produce content yourself, hire someone to create it, or license it from a 3 party rd make your content memorable and stretch its worth.

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Repurpose! Reuse! Recycle!

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Vary your communications plan to include different content types. Accommodate different learning styles Catch your intent audience’s attention at different parts of the day Provide a break from the monotony of typical “training” or “learning”

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Repurposing, reusing, or recycling content will save you time & money!

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Here’s how: Start with the largest form of content— your source, or pillar, content.

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Brainstorm ways to repurpose the same material in additional formats.

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Recreate a list within a chapter as a graphic Record a few top tips into a video

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Pull out data for an infographic Chop large sections into smaller white papers

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Break sections into articles or blog posts Reconstruct functional how-to sections into a SlideShare

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TIP: Curate content into a content library for everyone to access. If content is searchable, it’s easier to revisit and repurpose!

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