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Facebook Platform at a Glance 1.4 Billion 890 Million Active Users Log on Daily 75 Percent of users access via mobile 9 Percent of all digital ad spending occurs on Facebook daily Channel Demographics Percent of Online American Adults Income Level 77 Percent Male 66 Percent Female 71% 84% 18–29 y/o 79% 30–49 y/o High school education or less 60% 50–64 y/o 75% Some college 68% Bachelor’s + 45% 65+ y/o Targeting Capabilities s Keyword Interest Geography Behaviors Connections Demographic Cust like Lookaiences d Audienom ce Au Ad Products Facebook ad products are offered by objective. Clicks to Website Application Engagement Website Conversions Offer Claims Page Post Engagement Local Awareness Page Likes Event Responses Application Installs Video Views Newsfeed Ad Products Single Image Carousel Ad Pricing Minimum Spend No Minimum Spend Cost per Click Global average CPC = $.53 Cost per Impression $2.98 per 1,000 impressions Sources: Facebook Pew Internet - January 2015 Video

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