30 Effective Social Media Tactics

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30 Effective Social Media Tactics Written By | www.feldmancreative.com DESIGNED By | www.infobrandz.com

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47% 47% of all online time is spent on social media. Globalwebindex, 2014 2 billion More than 2 billion people have social media accounts. Global Digital Snapshot, Wearesocial.net, 2015

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Want to reach these people? According to the “2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” from Social Media Examiner, 92% of marketers want to know: WHAT SOCIAL TACTICS ARE MOST EFFECTIVE?

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Here are 30 of the top answers culled from the experts.

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1. Optimize your pages and profiles. Ensure your profile pages use relevant keywords to get discovered via search.

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2. Create branded pages. Brand your profile pages with great cover photos, backgrounds and colors.

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3. Determine user interests. Delve into social media data to identify relevant issues and user interests.

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4. Learn from leaders. Observe how social-oriented brands and leaders in relevant markets select channels, tune-in to their customers and create engaging content.

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5. Post frequently. Post 5-plus times daily on Twitter and once or more each day on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the channels you use.

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6. Use hashtags. Using hashtags helps with tracking promotions, targeting readers by areas of interest and starting conversations.

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7. Feature great images. Invest time and money on great images to create the stopping power you need to standout.

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8. Share photos of yourself and team. Humanize your brand by sharing candid shots. Your followers will identify with them.

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9. Build one-to-one relationships. Reach out to bloggers and other social influencers. Be valuable to them.

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10. Use a conversational tone. Drop the corporate babble. Be friendly and approachable.

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11. Offer concise morsels of advice. Rambling’s a no-no. Get to the point.

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12. Don’t overdo the selfpromotion. You’ll be labeled “spammer” and cast into to social media purgatory.

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Keep it real. Be authentic and draw from your experiences, knowledge, and sense of humor. 13.

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14. Ask questions. You’ll get more engagement and insights when you throw questions out there.

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15. Run contests and giveaways. Make things exciting for your fans. People love to compete and strive for the prize.

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16. Create collages. Social media users have shown they like, love and share collages of illustrations and different style photos.

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17. Perfect your timing. Use Simply Measured’s free follower analytics tools to discover when your followers are most active.

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18. Interact in real-time. Prepare to work the channel often and actively. Respond fast and take part in real-time conversations.

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19. Follow-up with new connections. When someone does you the favor of following, follow-up. Express your appreciation

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20. Monitor and respond. Monitor mentions of your brand to find good feedback to share, bad feedback to mediate and new business prospects.

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21. % Offer special deals to your followers. Showing your followers members only love will build loyalty and invoke word of mouth.

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22. Dial-up social media at events. Create event pages. Select a hashtag. Interact with attendees. Stream video. Publish content from the event.

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23. Toss up a popup that asks for followers. Marketing expert Neil Patel claims you’ll double social traffic in 30 days with a pop-up that asks for followers.

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24. Ration yourself. JOIN NOW! JOIN NOW! Joining networks and groups is a good thing. Spreading yourself too thin is not.

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25. Learn from your analytics. Click around your Google Analytics regularly to determine where traffic is coming from and going to.

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26. Work as a team. Create an “all hands on deck” approach across departments for more effective customer communications.

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27. Be patient. Results can’t be rushed. Think long-term and be a nurturer.

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28. Keep up with the changes. The networks make changes often. Subscribe to reliable sources to keep your social IQ high.

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29. Have Fun. If you’re not enjoying social media, it’s not for you.

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30. Bring in a strategist. Enlist an expert to help develop your social media marketing strategy and accelerate your success.

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Written By | www.feldmancreative.com DESIGNED By | www.infobrandz.com 30 Effective Social Media Tactics

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