The Top 50 Salesforce Influencers on Twitter

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TOP 50 Salesforce Influencers on Twitter

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Hashtag Salesforce. SalesForce. Sales Force. SFDC. Force. SF. We searched all the Salesforce keywords in all 288 million active Twitter users’ bios, in the 500 million Tweets that go out every day, to find the ones sharing and creating the best Salesforce content on the Internet, and narrowed it down to 50 innovative, sharp, in-the-know Salesforce influencers on Twitter. Of course, you know about Marc Benioff (@benioff), the Twitter-active Salesforce CEO who Tweets about community outreach, thought leadership and all things Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants Salesforce, but we selected 49 other individuals (and one “SaaSy” mascot) who are Salesforce admins, developers, architects, MVPs, industry experts, global influencers, bloggers, journalists and developer relations professionals for our list that you may not know about.* We also included some advice from some of the influencers, about how to be Salesforce-wise on Twitter and why they feel Salesforce is a company worth Tweeting about. 2

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In order of Social Authority, these are the 50 most influential individuals talking about Salesforce: 1. Zachary Jeans 2. Michael @lazerow @ZacharyJeans @ImpactMattersUs Facilitating Conversations Around Leadership, Social, IoT, & Salesforce w a passion for NonProfits, #LeadWithGiants Co-Host | I follow Jesus 4. Mike Merrill Lazerow Michael T. Rose @MikeTRose Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce. CEO/Founder: Buddy Media, GOLF. com, U-Wire/Student Advantage, Lazerow Consulting. Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants 3. Solution engineer @salesforce, tech writer & editor, improviser, @heidihoover’s spouse, dad. Tweets are not the opinion of my employer(s). @TUAW 2006-2015 @mikedmerrill Mike Merrill is an Enterprise Account Executive @Salesforce @MarketingCloud, TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Founder @SM_Dallas, @TheDECTX Mentor, Chief Bacon Maker 3

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Influencer No. 1 “Twitter is a global platform, where you might speak with the CIO of the FCC in one tweet, and then a brand new Salesforce developer in India. Most brands, and individuals, make the mistake of thinking Twitter is a broadcast platform. Twitter is a real-time, global conversation. Great conversation includes listening, thoughtfulness, and caring about the people you engage.” Zachary Jeans, Principal at Tourizing, Founder at ImpactMatters Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants 4

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5. Reid Carlberg 6. Matt Lacey @ReidCarlberg Marketing Cloud. @LaceySnr Enterprise Dev. IoT, M2M, Chicago, coffee, dogs, robots. @salesforce but these (fascinating) tweets are all me. 9. Oliver Hansen IT-Consultant | Solo #Salesforce Administrator | #BlackBerry Believer Co-Founder of @ SPKeasey & @ProxInsight. Salesforce & http://Force. com MVP. @Code_ Coverage co-host. Code addict. Fan of science, snowboarding & beer. 10. Keir Bowden @nesensa 7. CTO at BrightGen, author of the Visualforce Development Cookbook, four time Forcedotcom MVP and fanboy. Salesforce Certified Everything! Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants 8. @jkrohrs Author, @AudiencePro. VP Marketing Insights @Salesforce. Hubby of @crafttestdummy. Father. Recovering Attorney. Bacon fan. Diet Coke addict. CLE sports victim. 11. @bob_buzzard Jeffrey K. Rohrs Adam Purkiss @ericdresh Salesforce Developer Relations https:// developer.salesforce. com/trailhead http://adampurkiss. smugmug.com/ 3X Salesforce MVP; Event Chair, Midwest Dreamin’; S. Indiana Salesforce User Group Leader; Assoc Mgr Rpt & Analysis @ Mead Johnson Nutrition. All tweets mine 12. Pat Patterson @apurkiss Eric Dreshfield @metadaddy Dad, Husband, Runner, Identity Geek, Developer Evangelist Architect @Salesforce though the opinions I voice here are mine alone! 5

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Influencer No. 15 “There is a huge Salesforce community on Twitter and it’s easy to get responses to questions (using the #askforce hashtag) quickly. That community is continuously growing, and becoming more engaged. There is so much great Salesforce content on Twitter—from employees, customers, partners— it’s my first stop for engagement.” Rebecca Dente, Salesforce MVP and Blogger Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants 6

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13. Mike Gerholdt 14. Leon Markham @MikeGerholdt @Salesforce Admin Evangelist | Multisession @Dreamforce presenter. Certified Admin/ Developer/ Sales Cloud Consultant. These inspiring words are my own. 17. Chris Duarte @humanleon On #TeamTrailhead @salesforce, formerly @legalzoom, @disney, thoughts here are my own. My Trailhead badges: http://sforce. co/1ECC8nk Innovation and customer transformation @salesforce - all opinions, especially regarding food, wine and my kids, entirely my own 18. Joe Ciarallo @TheChrisDuarte 15. Becka Dente Sr. Director, PR, @salesforce @marketingcloud. Also/ previous: VP Buddy Media, founding editor @prnewser, drummer @jounce Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants @GeraldineGray @sfdc_nerd @salesforce.com enthusiast, @apple addict since the early 80s & allaround technology geek. Go Cloud! 19. Francis Pindar @joeciarallo 16. Geraldine Gray 20. Samantha Ready @radnip #Salesforce MVP & Solutions Architect. Posting general Tech, Salesforce News. Theatre Producer. @BaselessFabric, @RENT_LDN, @OurHouseConcert, #SFATS Salesforce MVP, CRM Solutions & Strategic Roadmaps, Geraldine Gray Nerd with a British accent. #GirlyGeeks All my own words. http://www.endiem.com @samantha_ready Technophile with my head in the Cloud. Spunkiest padawan on the Developer Evangelism team of Jedis here @salesforce and resident hot sauce expert. 7

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Influencer No. 49 Influencer No. 10 “Many people who are involved in the ecosystem use Twitter, so it’s a fast and easy way to get help or direct someone to something interesting on the community—a post, idea or a question. It’s also a great place to promote user groups that center around Salesforce.” “If you follow the right people, you get highquality information through Twitter, and you can usually determine from the 140 characters if you want to read further, so it can be a real timesaver.” Cheryl Feldman, Salesforce Consultant and MVP Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants Keir Bowden, Chief Technical Officer at BrightGen, Force.com MVP 8

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21. Nick Hamm 22. Matt Bertuzzi @hammnick @mattbertuzzi Public cloud pusher, Salesforce MVP, biz + tech transformer. Managing Partner, CIO at@trekbin. Creator of @findsfinfo. Trying to be better today than yesterday 25. Matt Brown 26. Andy Pattinson @mattybme Huge online community believer! Fmr Salesforce #MVP & #UserGroup Programs Manager. These words are all mine! Sales & Marketing Operations & 3X Salesforce MVP. Into inside sales, pro-bono volunteering & rescue dogs.[+ bad uses #of hashtags] 23. April Kyle Nassi @thisisnotapril Andy Pattinson Senior Sales Director, all about #Cloud Computing #salesforce.com married to @force4change working at @CloudSherpas Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants Lucky girl. Native Texan. Awesome husband @jnassi. #dreamjob working @salesforceas Developer Community Manager. The world’s cutest Aussies. #hookem 27. Fabrice Cathala @APACloud 24. Brian Makas @BrianMakas 28. Alex Sutherland @fcathala Salesforce architect @ Capgemini, PaaS evangelist, blogger. Marketing Tech Director discussing Salesforce CRM, Web Analytics, SEM, Social Media as well as an occasional hockey or MMA rant (opinions expressed are my own) @apexsutherland Advocate of users, architect of interfaces, navigator of clouds, and generator of ideas. @CRMScience. @Salesforce & @SalesforceDevs MVP 9

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29. Bruno Fonzi 30. Mary Pustejovsky @BrunoFonzi Director of UX Engineering @Salesforce Cloud ART+TECH Commodore @CODAME. Startup co-founder + advisor. #Espresso #UX #Chocolate #KISS #Gelato #IoT #Lover. 33. Brielle Nikaido @mpusto Market Strategy @salesforce. I geek out over disruptive technology and psychology. Tweets are mine. Salesforce MVP. Passionate about nonprofits. Salesforce Certified Adv Admin and Developer. Swing Dancer, Quilter, Mother, Urbanist 34. Rakesh Gupta @briellenikaido 31. Amber Boaz @amber9904 @Salesforce MVP | Author @Packtpub | Independent Salesforce Consultant & #Trainer | Blogger | @SFDC_Mumbai User Group Leader Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants Aunt, runner, volunteer, 4x Salesforce Certified, & Salesforce MVP 35. Ben Pruden @rakeshistom 32. Natalie Gunther @gnatrae 36. Brian Kwong @Ben_Pruden @UTexasMBA #HOOK’EM! Product Marketer @Salesforce. Lover of great content, inspiring stories. #Data nerd. The outdoors = my zen. My words here. An official Salesforce MVP,I love technology! Salesforce, droid, gmail... I like solving problems & leading projects to successful outcomes & impacting results. @Kwongerific Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Wizard, Foodie and proud papa of twins 10

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Influencer No. 22 “The first people I ever followed on Twitter in 2008 were all in the Salesforce space. Admins, devs, tech-types seem to love Twitter and to talk. There are hashtags, people to @ reply, people who’ll jump in on threads, terrible puns, threads that go on for dozens/days, 80s/90s references, and even more terrible puns. Talking about Salesforce on Twitter is fun.” Matt Bertuzzi, Sales and Marketing Operations at The Bridge Group, Salesforce MVP Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants 11

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37. Michael Gill 38. Maria S. Belli @AgentGill Salesforce MVP | Salesforce Certified Professional | Blogger @ Salesforceweek. ly | London Salesforce Admins Organiser | Sharing makes it work! 41. Dan Darcy @JustAGirlyGeek Product builder and storyteller @Salesforce. SF native - Giants, Niners, Warriors fan. Winemaker. I love ice cream and my dog Henry. CASE Partners, Inc. | Salesforce MVP | Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator | CT Salesforce Developer Group Co-Leader 42. John Stevenson @dandarcy 39. Salesforce SaaSy @TooSaaSy A developer evangelist for Heroku & Salesforce. Loves clojure, cats, community & agile development Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants Yup. I’m the OFFICIAL dreamy @salesforce mascot. Award winner, dancer, FUNNY, cute, modest, problem solver. 43. Kevin Richardson @jr0cket 40. Robert Fransgaard @fransgaard 44. Garry Polmateer @klrichardson Salesforce customer turned employee, Salesforce MVP, professing the social, mobile and open web. Cycling and baseball fanatic. Thoughts are my own Keeping it real for brands - Making it real for their customers - Creative Director, Europe, @SalesForce Customer Experience Design (CXD) @DarthGarry Either a mouse or wrench in my hand. Managing Partner at Red Argyle. Salesforce MVP, Legomaniac, coffee lover and gratuitous user of the word AWESOME. 12

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45. Josh Birk 46. Joel Book @joshbirk @joelbook Developer Evangelist for salesforce.com, general geek, and cat wrangler. Strings of characters here are of my own opinion, not those of salesforce.com. 49. Cheryl Feldman 50. Guillaume Roques @CherFeldman #Salesforce User Group Leader/MVP/Senior Salesforce Consultant @ExP_SF Find me here or on the community Principal, Marketing Insights - Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Keynote Speaker, Digital Marketing Consultant, and Advocate for Responsible Marketing. @groques Grok’n roll - geek with style - Head of developer relations for EMEA at Salesforce. Tweets are my own... Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants 47. Candice Whetsel 48. Becky Webster @Candicelyn When you like everything, how can you focus on one thing? I work for @salesforce but my tweets are my own, as random as they may be. @BeckyMaeW 4x certified @Salesforce MVP. Managing Partner @alleniumllc. Utah native. Social business junkie. Obsessed with Listerine PocketMist & DMB. *The individuals chosen have a 45 and above Social Authority according to social media tool Followerwonk as of the date of this eBook, March 31, 2015, and had “Salesforce” or some acceptable abbreviation/variation of the company name in their bios and/or Tweets. Additionally, influencers chosen must have Tweeted about Salesforce and mentioned other Salesforce influencers in their Tweets at least 50% of the time. 13

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7 Tips for Twitter Success from Salesforce Influencers 1 “If you need help, use hashtag #askforce; if you want to talk about the company or its products, use #salesforce.” – Cheryl Feldman 4 “Curate the content. Don’t just post stories because they are about Salesforce; if you find them interesting, it’s likely your followers will, too.” – Keir Bowden 2 “Even if you have a lot of followers, only a fraction of them see each of your posts. Don’t be afraid to share the same post a couple of times if it’s important.” – Rebecca Dente 5 “Any Salesforce consultant or administrator has some secret sauce; they do something different that is worth talking about. Figure out what that is, and share, share, share.” – Garry Polmateer 3 “Finding a key phrase inside a blog post, quoting it, and then attributing it to the author with their Twitter handle goes a long way to adding value to community.” – Zachary Jeans 6 “Give it context, make it visual. Add in a video, or a screenshot.” – Matt Bertuzzi 7 “I use the Buffer app and cannot recommend this enough.” – Michael Gill Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants 14

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Increasing Your Influence: The Science of Social Authority Want to be on our next list of Salesforce influencers on Twitter? Our rankings are based on FollowerWonk’s Social Authority metric, which relies heavily on clicks and retweets as measures of engagement. Here are some tips to increase your influence and grow your Salesforce network on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter @runconsultants • Include the word “Salesforce” in your Twitter bio, and hashtag it. All of the top influencers use the company name in their bios, instead of the shorter alternative, SFDC. • Follow influential people. Follow the influencers on this list. See who the influencers are following. As a rule of thumb, if you follow them, they may follow back. • Tweet often. But you don’t have to Tweet 20 times a day; the more you Tweet doesn’t mean you’re more influential. Tweet once to three times per day on one subject to become influential over time. • Follow even more influential people. Find them by searching keywords like “Salesforce,” “SFDC,” or “Force.com” in the Twitter search box. Once found, click on their Lists to see lists of Salesforce Tweets and handles you may be interested in and their Favorites to possibly find memorable Salesforce Tweets and topics of interest. • Tweet recently. All of the Twitter influencers on our list had Tweeted within the last two weeks (as of March 31, 2015). • Mention influential Twitter handles in your posts. Don’t spam them, but ask relevant questions or send them links to articles they may like. • Be public. When your Tweets are protected (or your profile is marked as private), everyone can’t see what you’re influencing about. 15

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About Run Consultants We’re a Saleforce consulting and AppExchange partner connecting Salesforce customers to certified developers, architects, admins and project managers skilled in every aspect of the Salesforce platform for sales, service and marketing. For more Salesforce and AppExchange insights and tips, visit www.runconsultants.com/blog. Interested in improving your results with Salesforce? Click here to request a free expert assessment.

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