The Four Stage Link Building Cycle: Page One Power Webinar

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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How do you make your content a signal amidst the noise? #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Better Together Content Marketing Link Building <3 #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen Which of the following best describes the department you work in?  In-House SEO Marketing Agency PR Dept. Content Marketing Team Other

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen The Link Building Cycle

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Four Stages of Cyclical Process #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Assess Your Assets! Linkable assets, strong content on the domain Prominent people in the organization Current relationships/partnerships #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Competitive landscape How do you measure up against the backlink and keyword profiles of your competitors? How does your content measure up against theirs? USP? #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Competitive landscape Analyze competitors links to help determine strategy, then build something better Compare # of keywords ranking vs competitors and where keyword overlap exists #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Organic, direct, and referral traffic visits Visitor behavior (bounce rate, time on page, exit pages, etc.) Measure up what you believe to be strong content with data #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen Benchmark Analytics

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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“An iterative process of topical research that guides content ideation and outreach targets.” #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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2 Questions to Ask: What is being shared? What is being linked? #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Research -- What types of content are being linked and shared? #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Tools of the Trade Buzzsumo SEMrush Majestic/OSE/Ahrefs Quora #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Tools of the Trade (cont.) Google: manual prospecting queries Bulk scraping: BuzzStream’s built in prospector Datagrabber via 90 Digital Simple SERP Scrape via URL Profiler #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen Human intuition – bogarting down blogrolls, commenter links back to their blogs, deep domain diving

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The main goal of prospecting is to discover topics that are link worthy… AND relevant people/websites that are likely to link to content surrounding those topics. #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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The research performed during prospecting informs the content you should create. #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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The Marketing Funnel Understand the difference between the purpose of different types of content. Content designed to attract links is generally going to be “top-of-the funnel” content. #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Existing content discovered during prospecting research that performed well socially (BuzzSumo) is typically TOF. Use socially successful content to inform link worthy content. #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Look for ways to creatively fill the gap How will I add value? How will I connect? #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Know your target -- who are they? What is the right way to approach them? #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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For instance, outreaching to .gov sites is much different than outreaching to bloggers. #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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With certain prospects, you might be able to ask for a link right away. Higher value targets require more of a “slow play” approach. #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Always be adding value. Add value to the recipient of your outreach, before you ask for anything. Ensure that your link is also of value to the users of the site. Quid Pro Quo is fine, so long as there is demonstrable value to the end user! #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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#SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen What is your biggest struggle with link building? Understanding how to effectively earn quality links Scaling link building enough to be competitive Avoiding penalization Integrating across multiple channels of marketing

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Four Stages of Cyclical Process #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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Are you interested in learning more about link building services from Page One Power? All new clients are eligible for $500 off their first month. Yes! Sign me up. Maybe, but I have a few questions. Not at this time. #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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www.pageonepower.com #SEJThinkTank  @NChimonas @Pleasant_Pen

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