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MailChimp Template Design Your presenter will be with you shortly Dawn Osolinski 18 Aug 2015 bake Design and Digital Sales +44 (0) 113 880 2033 sales@bakecreative.co.uk Send Feedback workshops@bakecreative.co.uk Skype bakecreative

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Give yourself and your team permission to be creative. Permission to try something new, permission to fail, permission to embarrass yourself, permission to have crazy ideas. Ben Chestnut, MailChimp CEO

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Email is Not Dead

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7 INSIGHTFUL EMAIL MARKETING STATISTICS Over 50% of respondents say they read most of their emails. HubSpot, 2015 65% prefer emails that contain mostly images vs. 35% who prefer mostly text. HubSpot, 2015 Email content and design (79%), campaign management (74%), and contact management (74% percent) rank as the three most critical aspects of an email. Salesforce, 2015 43% of businesses have email teams of 2-3 people. Salesforce, 2015 Smaller emails, which tend to be more targeted, have the highest open and click rates. Informz, 2014 91% of consumers use email at least once a day. Capterra, 2014. Over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional emails. ExpressPigeon, 2014

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Design to Inspire

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Keep the Message Clear Think clean, simple and focused. Design should enhance your message, not draw the reader’s eye away from it.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Optimise Images Controlling the image dimensions helps to ensure that your template maintains structure, essential when creating a grid based layout.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Control Alt Adding user friendly alt names helps your reader to ‘read’ images when graphics are blocked by default in their email client. This fills in the blanks and builds trust.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Image isn’t Everything Plain text really comes in handy for text based email clients. Besides doing wonders for user experience, having a plain text alternative will help to minimise spam triggers.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Inspire your Readers Whether you want to increase online sales, traffic or enquiries, adding a call to action to your campaign is crucial for engaging your audience and increasing conversions.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Accept Limitations Email design is powerful, but it’s not without limits. What looks great in Gmail may look awful in Outlook. Test, test, and test some more to perfect your design.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Only use Images when you Need to Ideally, the only images you need to use are photographs and logos. Everything else can be based on HTML, including buttons, headings and dividers.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Have a Plan B Using custom fonts will make your template stand out, but let’s not forget email clients that are a little behind in technology. Always specify system fonts as a secondary type.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL The White Stuff Don’t be afraid of whitespace. Leave plenty of room between elements (headlines, images and other elements) to create focus, engage readers and produce great design.

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TIPS & TRICKS ON DESIGNING FOR EMAIL Be Inspired There’s a ton of beautiful emails on the web. Browse though the collection, save them and let them guide you. Really Good Emails MailChimp Inspiration Email Gallery

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Keep it Simple to get the message across

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S&H Thinking Outside the Box

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DESIGNMODO Taking Minimal to New Heights ACE HOTEL

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SOUTHTREE Brightly Does It ACE HOTEL eCommerce Curation

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ACE HOTEL eCommerce Curation SPROUT SOCIAL Solid Footer Design

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