Digital Transformation: 7 Key Lessons in Implementation

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Tiffany St James @tiffanystjames @wetransmute DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 7 KEY LESSONS IN IMPLEMENTATION

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WHAT IS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? Not just Digital First, but Digital is FUNDAMENTAL “Digital services so good people prefer to use them” GOV.UK

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5 DIALS OF TRANSFORMATION Vision Strategy Operations Customer Experience Product Business Model People Culture The Big 5 all Management Consultancies agree on

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#1 TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS MODEL Digital Modified Business, New Businesses, Globalisation

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#2 TRANSFORM YOUR PRODUCT Digital Modified Products, New Products

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#3 TRANSFORM OPERATIONAL PROCESSES Process Digitisation, Worker Enablement, Performance Management

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#4 TRANSFORM YOUR PEOPLE Culture of Excellence, Recruit on Aptitude, Digital Skills Intervention

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#5 TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Customer Understanding, Digital Offer Evolution, Channel Shift

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#1 CHANGE IS LARGELY UNCOMFORTABLE Ensure communications are open, clear and as swift as possible

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#2 LEADERSHIP & VISION Senior managers must have an interest in or desire for change

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#3 LEAD FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE Leadership vision is paramount, managers create smooth transition Source: Kotter, Harvard Business School

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#4 CULTURE & PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Co-locate team that need greater understanding of each other.

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#6 MARRY UP Make the internal digital experience as perfect as the external

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#7 JFDI Plan, yes. But DO. Have an unwavering focus on delivery

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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION CONSULTANCY • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Audience Mapping Audit: Digital Capabilities Audit: Digital Estate Effectiveness Audit: Social Media Estate Effectiveness Digital Academies and Corporate Universities Digital Intrepreneurship Programmes Digital Strategy Online Learning and Qualifications Social Media Content and Campaign Design and Delivery Social Media Listening and Business Intelligence Social Media Strategy and Implementation Social Media Policy and Playbooks Strategic Communications and Positioning Training Interventions for better capability

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Tiffany St James Hi, I'm a digital and social media strategist working with large national businesses, global HQs and Governments. Charlie Southwell Hi, I'm an award-winning Digital Marketing Consultant with a focus on combining SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Measurement activities. I've run my own previous consultancy for 12 years and am the Former Head of Social Media for the UK Government, working within the UK Government from no email to open data. I've run my own consultancy, worked directly for large clients and recently been the Head of Digital at a London PR Agency. I'm a TED speaker on technology and digital skills and listed as a UK leading digital thinker. It's now time to start something bigger, which is what we are doing with Transmute.

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@wetransmute http://wetransmute.com

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