Food Shoppers in America: The Millennial Shopper

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F O O D S H O P P E R S in America THE MILLENNIAL SHOPPER Food Shopping in America, a new study by MSLGROUP and The Hartman Group, reveals evolving consumer behaviors when it comes to grocery shopping. In particular, the study shows the unique ways Millennials shop for food. What Millennials Want Median Household Income Millennial $37,500 SAVINGS CONVENIENCE Gen X $62,500 Boomers PREPARED FOODS ORGANICS $72,500 Where Millennials Shop for Food 69% 63% GROCERY STORE 25% MASS/SUPER STORE 23% CLUB 22% CONVENIENCE SPECIALTY/ NATURAL How to Reach Millennials 70% of Millennials use their mobile device while shopping 38% 33% Consult a shopping list stored online or on their phone 70% Call, text or email another member of their household Enter 20% 21% Search for a coupon Search for a recipe Millennials value personal recommendations and reviews when making purchase decisions Product Name CEREAL Food Grade A 24% Rely on recommendations from friends/family 11% Look to product reviews before purchasing For more information on the study and to understand how these insights can translate into actionable solutions for your brand, contact: Steve Bryant Director, Food & Beverage steve.bryant@mslgroup.com | 206.270.4664

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