Broaden the Reach of Your Content Marketing by Thinking Like Food Trucks

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Chris Brogan CEO, Owner Media Group

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The Challenge We live and operate in the age of distraction.

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The Challenge Our attention span is at an all time low.

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Chris Brogan CEO Owner Media Group, Inc chris@chrisbrogan.com @chrisbrogan I teach how to use media and community to earn more customers If I don’t answer your question while on this webinar, just email me. I promise to reply!

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Content Marketing Content (media) created with the intent of attracting potential prospects by delivering quality information in a useful, easy-toconsume (and share) format. “Content marketing is weaponized storytelling.” A tool to earn the right to sell and serve.

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The Intent Content (blog, podcast, email marketing, etc) Your List (Database) Your Products/ Services

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What Happens Instead Content (blog, podcast, email marketing, etc) Your List (Database) Your Products/ Services

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The Old Days Create a blog post & publish it. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email Publish the post. Promote via social. Invite people to come back to your primary site.

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Content Marketing Now Facebook LinkedIn Periscope Instagram Twitter Your site or post Create channel-specific “truck meals.” Guide them back to your site. “Feed them” where they are. Earn the home base traffic. Ultimately, earn their name on your list. Email

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The Food Truck Idea Build out content as attention assets. Earn their attention. Promote your primary site. Convert to the list or your next action. Consider each platform “native.”

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Food Truck Content ● Start with business value and conversion intention. ● Build out customer value. Social Platforms Primary Post Customer Value Business Value ● Create primary post. ● Atomize to deliver to various social platforms in native methods. ● Link back to primary target. ● Earn the right to add people to the list. While it might originally feel like MORE work, it’s just a better effort to “bring the food” to the person and earn their attention.

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Quick Note for DNN People The DNN tools are built for this. You can create unique content, use already generated assets, and mix/remix your material to make it work better for specific platforms, plus you can use their tools to guide people back to areas of deeper engagement where you control the outcome a little better.

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The Content Upgrade Instead of “get my free ebook…” Build targeted opportunities for list growth. Earn even more specific attention. This is a per-page option (again, perfect for what DNN does). Create a worthwhile giveaway piece of content in exchange for being able to add the person to your list.

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The Content Upgrade Specific Page with PART of the story. Opt in to get the rest of the story New Newsletter subscriber. Their Upgrade Now, they’re on the list. More chances to sell & promote This specific tactic is a growth tactic for building up your email marketing opportunities. This promotes ongoing sales and engagement opportunities.

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Why Do This Better “fit” with various platforms. Earn attention by testing new “food truck” level content. Deliver value at the outposts but encourage visiting the “restaurant.” More options for targeted marketing. Cost + Velocity can’t be beat.

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DNN Does Food Trucks  These videos show how you can take your food (content) to where your customers are (content distribution): http://www.dnnsoftware.com/products/product-demos

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