8 Tips to Find Influencers and Convince Them to Help You

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Housekeeping   #InfluencerTips Session will be recorded There will be time for questions at the end Leave your questions in the “questions” panel Hashtag is: #InfluencerTips

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#InfluencerTips Speakers Co-founded Insightpool in 2012, and has led the company from two to 60+ employees, acquired a Silicon Valley start-up, Next Principles, and is currently revolutionizing marketing and sales across social.  Devon Wijesinghe CEO of Insightpool @DevonWijesinghe

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#InfluencerTips Speakers Jay Baer President of Convince & Convert @JayBaer Jay Baer is a New York Times best-selling author of five books. He is the President of Convince & Convert, a consulting company that works with major brands on social/content marketing. He runs the world’s #1 content marketing blog, and his Social Pros podcast just won “best podcast” at the Content Marketing Awards.

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Title  Area   #InfluencerTips Why Are Influencers Important?

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#InfluencerTips à Explosion of content and social interactions, and more on the way à If you build it, so what?

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#InfluencerTips à In a competitive environment, amplification is as important (maybe more so) than creation à Influencers give your story reach and impact IN THEORY

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#InfluencerTips TIP #1 Build a business case for influencer marketing

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#InfluencerTips •  You don’t need “influence” you need what influencers can bring (reach, impact) •  But to what end? •  There are only 3 reasons to get involved in influencer marketing…

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Build  a  business  case  for  influencer  marke9ng   #InfluencerTips Loyalty Sales Awareness Influencers cause existing customers to become advocates, to renew, etc. Influencers cause specific, desirable behaviors to occur among target audiences – clicks, purchases, downloads influencers spread your story to people who otherwise would not be exposed to it In this role, influencers are essentially advertising vehicles In this role, influencers are essentially direct response vehicles In this role, influencers are essentially cheerleaders for the brand

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#InfluencerTips TIP  #2   Learn  the  difference   between  audience  and   influence  

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#InfluencerTips •  We use “influencer marketing” as a catch-all term, but many “influencers” don’t actually have influence •  Influence means that you incite a behavior or a belief, not just that you created impressions •  Some people have influence, other people have an audience. BUT, this is circumstantial and topically specific!

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#InfluencerTips Influence, 1,600 Interest, 80,000 Audience, 164,000 Social media

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#InfluencerTips Interest, 2,000 Influence, 200 Audience, 164,000 Rock climbing

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#InfluencerTips •  Unless you really only care about impressions and reach, be thoughtful about working with people who have demonstrated influence about the relevant topic •  Audience and influence are not correlated – you can have great, specific influence without huge audience

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#InfluencerTips Influence, 3,000 Interest, 15,000 Audience, 20,000 Rock climbing

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#InfluencerTips TIP #3 Craft a story worth telling

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#InfluencerTips •  Usually, influencers amplify a story, they shouldn’t BE the story •  Craft a story that is interesting and unique enough that influencers WANT to use their power to talk about it •  The fact that your business exists is not a sufficiently compelling story  

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#InfluencerTips Remember…story comes first, influencers come second!   TheBusinessOfStory.com

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#InfluencerTips TIP #4 Start with advocates first

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#InfluencerTips •  Current customers can be your most powerful influencers, even if they don’t have a huge audience •  This is because they possess the power of personal experience – they KNOW your business is good and can provide credible testimony

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#InfluencerTips convinceandconvert.com  

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#InfluencerTips DefinitiveDigest.com

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#InfluencerTips Advocates can make you money too! Needle.com

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#InfluencerTips TIP #5 Discover people with relevant audience next

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Discover  people  with  relevant  audience   #InfluencerTips Three systems for identifying people with relevant, large audiences: DIY Software Assist Market place

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#InfluencerTips Software-assisted influencer discovery: à  Insightpool finds people who follow competitors, and don’t follow you à  GroupHigh finds bloggers that write about a particular topic, sortable by audience size à  LittleBird finds people (mostly on Twitter) who are influential on a particular topic à  Cision finds bloggers and social media influencers by topic and geography And many more…  

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#InfluencerTips Marketplace influencer discovery à  TapInfluence matches companies to online influencers across many platforms, and helps manage influencer campaigns à  Del Mondo matches companies to SnapChat influencers à  GrapeStory matches companies to Vine influencers à  Snapfluence matches companies to Instagram influencers And  many  more…  

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#InfluencerTips About Insightpool

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#InfluencerTips Did you know? 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know, whereas only 36% of people actually trust branded content, according to Neilsen. The problem? Brands don’t know which influencers to connect with or what solutions to use to drive their business forward. Insightpool is your solution.

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#InfluencerTips TIP #6 Analyze topic and content strengths

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#InfluencerTips Examine each potential influencer’s topical and content history, and channel strengths: •  How often do they publish about your topic? •  How recently have they published about your topic? •  Have they worked in the past with competitors or similar companies? •  How comfortable are they with social media vs. written content (blogging) vs. photos vs. video?

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#InfluencerTips Eric the Car Guy Ericthecarguy.com à Eric is a certified technician whose site has a ton of FAQs, video tutorials, and guides to help people diagnose and solve a wide variety of common problems from coolant leaks to an engine overheating. à While the production value on his videos is mediocre, Eris is well spoken and his tutorials are clear and friendly.

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#InfluencerTips Eric the Car Guy cont’d à  On his popular YouTube channel, he’s releasing about 2 videos a week (some of which are sponsored) answering questions from viewers as well as covering from specific skills. à  The blog also has content based on major areas of interest. Website  visits 51.1K Twi8er  Followers 4.3K Facebook  Likes 43K YouTube  Subscribers 624K     (97MM  views) Instagram  Followers 167 Pinterest  Followers N/A

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#InfluencerTips TIP #7 Approach with specifics

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#InfluencerTips •  Influencers that have an audience are “pitched” constantly. You must make it clear what you want and how it will benefit them •  “I found you online and was thinking it might be interesting to work on some things together.” WRONG!  

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#InfluencerTips Pitches should include: •  •  •  •  •  Demonstration that you’ve done your homework Specific request Clear explanation of benefits and expectations Time limiter Description of next steps

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#InfluencerTips Hi  Eric,     I’m  a  fan  of  your  blog  and  videos.  I  parUcularly  enjoyed  the  1988  Town  &  Country  transmission  walk-­‐ through,  as  my  dad  had  one  was  I  was  a  kid.  Memories!  You  do  such  a  great  job  of  making  complex   things  understandable.  Thank  you!       I’m  Jay  Baer,  and  I  head  up  the  Digital  Content  Team  for  Convince  &  Convert.  Our  blog  was  named  the   #1  content  markeUng  blog  in  the  world  and  is  a  resource  for  readers  on  vehicle  and  home  maintenance.       My  team  and  I  have  selected  you  and  6  other  experts  as  potenUal  contributors  to  our  placorm.  Our   large  audience  will  give  you  great  exposure,  and  your  content  is  perfect  for  our  readers.       This  is  a  paid  program  in  exchange  for  monthly  content  creaUon,  and  we’d  also  want  to  sponsor  your   blog/videos.     We  need  to  have  all  parUcipants  finalized  by  August  30.     May  we  connect  on  Skype  on  Monday  at  2pm,  or  Tuesday  at  10am  (eastern  Ume)?     Many  thanks,  Eric.  I  hope  we  are  able  to  work  together.    

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#InfluencerTips TIP #8 Use the magic triangle

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#InfluencerTips Bloggers/influencers care about 3 things: Exclusivity Co-creation Attention

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#InfluencerTips Exclusivity if tons of people are participating, it’s less interesting to the influencer Co-creation Influencers don’t want to spread your story, they want to help you create the story Attention Use your audience to build their audience

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#InfluencerTips TIP #9   Bon us! Build relationships first, then transactions

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#InfluencerTips •  Identify who you want to work with, long before the program starts •  Interact online to build name recognition and trust •  •  •  •  •  Tweet/re-tweet FB comments Blog comments Youtube comments IG comments •  Use your real name and company name

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#InfluencerTips 1.  Build a business case 2.  Learn the difference between audience and influence 3.  Craft a story worth telling 4.  Start with advocates 5.  Discover people with relevant audiences 6.  Analyze content and topic strengths 7.  Approach with specifics 8.  Use the magic triangle 9.  Build relationships first

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#InfluencerTips Q&A

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#InfluencerTips Thanks!

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