Back to Basics – Generating More and Better Leads

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Back to Basics – Generating More and Better Leads David Myers Product Manager, Marketo Mike Telem VP Product Marketing, Marketo

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Overview Typical Lead Gen Efforts Where your Untapped Potential lies Leveraging content in real-time to convert Examples and best practices

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71% of B2B marketing say it’s their top goal 60% B2B marketers say generating more leads is their biggest challenge 45% of marketers want to increase lead quantity as their most important objective Source: b2bcontent marketing trends, Emarketer, Ascend2 & NetProspex

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What you do today? Ads Events Content Emails

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Are you missing something?

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Prospects (Your Web Visitors) Picture this… Every month

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What can you do?

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Your Anonymous Visitors 98% of your prospects are anonymous B2B 35,000 avg. monthly unique / 33,614 are anonymous B2C 160,000 avg. monthly unique / 156,800 are anonymous You will never guess who they are

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Who are your web visitors?

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Your Anonymous Prospects

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What to do? Engage Them! Like you do on other channels Deliver the right message to the right person Educate Nurture Convert

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Resource Allocation

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It’s Not So Easy…

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How to do it?

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Create or discover high value content Ebooks Videos White Papers Case Studies Webinars Analyst Reports

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Gated Content Web visitor leaving details in order to access a content asset Four best practices: Identify which prospects fit your ideal customer profile Know when to gate content Early stage: non-gated “light” content Late stage: gated content based on visitor

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When to Gate Content? Non-Gated Video Company/Product Overview Testimonial Data Sheet Gated Vendor Comparison Guide White Paper eBook

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Define Audience and Timing Firmographic Persona Product Intent Behavior

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2X conversion rate for 2nd - 5th time visitors compared to 1st visit 67% find content targeted to their job function valuable 82% of prospects value content targeted to their industry

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Identify visitors & Engage with the right content

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Real-Time Personalization “Within the first 10 seconds of your visitor’s website experience, you must explain what you can do for them” (Microsoft Research) Speed “82% of prospects value content targeted to their specific industry” (MarketingSherpa) Relevancy Personalizing your prospects experience while they are engaged and attentive

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eMarketer Default View Personalized based on behavior

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Real-Time Personalization Segments inbound prospects in real-time based on: Auto-engages segmented prospects with personalized content or calls-to-action while on site and in context, even if they are anonymous

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Use Cases Location Vertical Known Lead Demo Offers Case Studies Local Events Account-Based White Papers Behavioral Special Deals

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Measuring Performance

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Getting Started is Easy Any CMS, Zero IT Real-Time Campaigns in Seconds Hands Free capabilities

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Key Takeaways Back to Basics Generating quality Leads is still top priority The Web holds the biggest potential improvement Engage anonymous site visitors with the right gates content Based on Who they are and What they do

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Back to basics: Generating more and better leads marketo.com/personalization @marketo Thank you.