Social Monitoring & Gamification: Creating Employee Advocates at Cisco

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Social Monitoring & Gamification: Creating Employee Advocates at Cisco Product Manager caroline@brandwatch.com | @brandwatch Caroline Goodwin Digital Marketing Manager, EMEA Cisco | @montuschi Alex Montuschi

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Coming Up Employee advocacy & Gamification at Cisco A step by step guide on making employee advocacy and gamification work for you

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Don’t be shy/ We’d love your participation Ask questions in the session chat Tweet about out discussion @brandwatch #brandwatchtips A download and recording of the webinar will be made available after the event

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Brandwatch’s Enterprise Social Intelligence helps over 1000 clients understand and improve the ROI of their marketing decisions Brandwatch Overview Brandwatch Vizia dramatically visualizes that data in a beautiful way and embeds it across large enterprises. Brandwatch Analytics analyzes and manipulates online conversation data to gain meaningful insights; all managed via our powerful web Dashboard.

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Employee Advocacy & Gamification at Cisco

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What’s Employee Advocacy?

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Organic reach of Brand channels is decreasing Source: Social@Ogilvy 2014

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Has x10 more followers than corporate networks 90% of their social audience is new to the brand An employee advocate is x2 more trusted than a CEO Content shared by employees receives 8X more engagement than content shared by brand channels Meet The Social Employee

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Social League Tables Objective Measure social impact and stimulate social engagement of Cisco employees How does it work? Users are scored and ranked by based on their impact score which considers activity, reach and number of reactions generated on Twitter.

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Cisco Employee Advocacy Potential in EMEAR All Cisco Employees in EMEAR Marketing Team EMEAR Social Media Managers 300 tweets per month 50,000 users reached per month 1,500 tweets per month 150,000 users reached per month 150,000 tweets per month 15,000,000 users reached per month *Estimates based on only Cisco related tweets

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Advocates Recognition Michael Medhat GVSO Egypt Shared over 2,000 Posts Generated 263,000 impressions 149 Re-shares 2,000 clicks Shared over 711 Posts Generated 378,000 impressions 372 Re-shares 1,000 clicks Fabien Medat SE Collaboration France Shared over 690 Posts Generated 591,000 impressions 479 Re-shares 3,000 clicks Nicole Wajer SE Security Netherlands Top Publisher Top Amplifier Top Engager

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Results Cisco Employees social activities increased by over 140% in 6 months Average number of tweets posted by employee increased by 55%, from 0.9 a day to 1.4. 232 users from 25 teams are currently using SLT to measure their social impact Delivered over 120 hours of Social Media trainings to 200 people in FY15

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Key Takeaways Ranking users by Social Impact stimulates healthy competition within the teams increasing social engagement. Rewarding participation by acknowledging who generate the most engagement, helps users to stay motivated and active. Social Media Trainings help users to become more social-savvy and learn how to improve their social influence. Social Listening tools help users to measure their social impact and benchmark themselves against others in the company. Measurement Education Gamification Recognition

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A step by step guide

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Raise awareness of the value of social Broadcast Share Integrate

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Enable employees Train Provide helpful guidelines and tips Make them aware of how you measure social Promote Encourage your employees to share your news and content Collate Add employee social handles to a dedicated Author list in Brandwatch

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Create healthy competition! Image of Top Tweeters Analytics

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Harness the power of your advocates Plan ahead Brief employees about campaigns ahead of time Share relevant hashtags and links to content Monitor Track campaign specific data using relevant operators like links: and hashtags: Provide live updates throughout the campaign to keep up momentum Recognize Thank your employees for their advocacy Share your campaign successes Recognize your most effective advocates

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Q & A