How To Repurpose Content To Save Time & Maximize Leads

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How To Repurpose Content To Save Time & Maximize Leads #RecycleYourMarketing

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Housekeeping This webinar is being recorded and sent via email with the slides within 24 hours Stick around for a 25% discount code to attend INBOUND 2015 Use #RecycleYourMarketing during the webinar on Twitter to ask questions for Q&A or the question panel Top tweeter using #RecycleYourMarketig will get a free signed copy of Likeable Social Media + one free year of Likeable’s VIP Plan #RecycleYourMarketing Housekeeping

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Speakers Rebecca Corliss Director of Marketing, HubSpot #RecycleYourMarketing Dave Kerpen CEO & Founder, Likeable Local

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Agenda The story of repurposing: why we do it Why repurpose? 4 reasons How HubSpot repurposes content #RecycleYourMarketing

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The core of INBOUND is content #RecycleYourMarketing

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The concept of “head count” #RecycleYourMarketing

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Content Count > Head Count #RecycleYourMarketing

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A Tale Of Repurposing Content… #RecycleYourMarketing

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Why Repeat, Recycle, & Repurpose? #RecycleYourMarketing 1. Save Time 3. Provide Lasting Value 2. Reach a Wider Audience 4. Give Great Content The Attention It Deserves

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1. Save Time (And Solve For The Content Creation Challenge) 69% of content marketers feel a lack of time is their greatest challenge. (Source: CMI) #RecycleYourMarketing

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The Content Creation Challenge Ongoing new content creation on numerous channels is nearly impossible! 68% of marketers say consistently producing content is a challenge. Only 32% of marketers say they are effectively executing enough content. (Source: Aberdeen) #RecycleYourMarketing

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Your Time Saving Secret Weapon… Repeat Great Content There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel. The chance of a follower seeing your post is slim. Use TurboPost by Likeable to help. #RecycleYourMarketing

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“It’s your responsibility to share and re-share great content.” -Dave Kerpen #RecycleYourMarketing

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Repeating Works #RecycleYourMarketing

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2. Reach A Wider Audience By Repurposing Content On Other Channels “Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!” - P. T. Barnum #RecycleYourMarketing

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There are SO many different, and effective channels to share content & reach your audience…. A Varied Content Strategy Is Important 49% of small businesses believe Slideshare is highly effective for content promotion. (Source: CMI) Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month. (Source: HubSpot) The average B2B marketer engages in content promotion on 6 social media platforms. (Source: CMI) #RecycleYourMarketing

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More Channels = More Reach Facebook fans! LinkedIn fans! Twitter fans! #RecycleYourMarketing

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Reworking & Repurposing Works #RecycleYourMarketing

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3. Provide Lasting Value Value is in the eye of the beholder. The more ways available to consume content, the more value you can provide to more people. People consume content on different devices. Similar content is interesting packaged in different ways. #RecycleYourMarketing Source: comScore

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Consider Your Audience: Generation *Source: Moz #RecycleYourMarketing

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Content Consumption Think about how your audience prefers to consume their content! Ebook Webinar OR Visual Vs. Audio Passive Vs. Interactive Download Vs. Stream

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Ebook Article OR Long Vs. Short Dense Vs. Simple

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1 Great Content Idea Can = 5+ Content Pieces #RecycleYourMarketing 4. Give Content The Attention It Deserves

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Consider the Buyers Journey #RecycleYourMarketing

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Tips for Successful Repurposing Give a nod to related content. Use content “shelf life” to your advantage. Know your audience. Always deliver additional value. Highlight different angles of the same topic. #RecycleYourMarketing

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Use One Platform to Promote Another From a blog post To an eBook! #RecycleYourMarketing

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Deliver Additional Value Evaluate whether or not information has changed or if you’ve learned more information about the topic. Share similar content in a new light. Add promotions or downloadable material. 5 blog posts that are interviews with different experts ? 1 blog post #RecycleYourMarketing

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How HubSpot Repurposes Content

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Existing Tweets/Twitter Accounts? Blog Posts

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Existing Ebooks ? “Kits” Turn your ebooks into a kit

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Webinar/Ebook ? Twitter Chats

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Podcast ? Ebook ? Blog Posts ? SlideShare

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Data ? SlideShare ? CTA Turn your data into a series of blog posts!

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Blog Posts ? Ebook ? SlideShare

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Q&A #RecycleYourMarketing Rebecca Corliss @repcor Dave Kerpen @davekerpen

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GRAND PRIZE! + 1 Year of Likeable Hub VIP ($240 Value!) #RecycleYourMarketing LikeableHub.com Inbound.org