How to Tell Stories That Engage Your Customers

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How to Tell Your Story (unlike everyone else) in 2015 (The right way)

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. At Gravity4, wake up every morning upset about one core thing: Page 2

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It’s 2015 and 99% of people still market like its 2005. Page 3

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That’s it. Page 4

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The reason we are so successful at Gravity4 isn’t our fancy office... Page 5

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It isn’t our good-looking employees. (Ok, maybe a little) Page 6

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. It is based on the fact that we understand where the consumer is today... Page 7

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And more importantly... Page 8

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Where they are going to be in 5 years. Page 9

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We’re passionate about the ways we get stumped as marketers. Let me explain... Page 10

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Marketers spend billions each year on: Billboards, Direct mail, Print ads, Radio, TV... Why? Page 11

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Many of these are collapsing in terms of getting the attention of the user. Page 12

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Can you name the last time you: Page 13

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A. Watched a commercial and engaged with it? Page 14

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B. Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. Rode as a passenger in the car and looked at a billboard rather than your cell-phone? Page 15

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C. Were excited to open an email that came with the intentions to get you signed up for something? Page 16

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Then email us directly, and tell us about it. We bet you can’t! marketing@gravity4.com Page 17

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And even if you can, Page 18

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. You don’t seriously believe that billboards are worth as much now, as they were pre-cellphones, right? Page 19

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The same thing goes for email. Page 20

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If you’re reading this, and you work in email marketing... Page 21

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. I want you to email us and tell us the last time you had a clickthrough rate (CTR) of over Page 22

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The value proposition just isn’t the same as it used to be. Page 23

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And it’s because of (sorry to say) people like us. Oops. Page 24

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There was a time when you got super excited to buy $90 worth of steak for $45 on Groupon. Page 25

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But these days you label all that as spam before it even hits your inbox. Page 26

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Because you’ve been getting blasted at scale for the last five years. Gmail has your back. Page 27

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. So, what’s the fix? Page 28

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What do you do when the ROI in 2015 for Billboards, Direct mail, Email, Print ads, Radio, and TV suck in comparison to 2005, 1995, or 1985?! Page 29

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Here is what it comes down to: Page 30

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. Every single marketer out there is a storyteller. Page 31

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It is our job to tell our value proposition (our story)... Page 32

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To customers along the journey to purchase. Page 33

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. Period. Page 34

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And to be a good storyteller, Page 35

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First you need the attention of the customer to even get that chance. Page 36

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Attention is shifting, my friends, and it is shifting fast. Page 37

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Our society is experiencing ADD at scale... Page 38

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Which means time and attention are commodities. Page 39

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They are by far the most valuable resources in the game. Page 40

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Most marketers treat paid media as a “distribution channel”, Page 41

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as just another way to blast you with the same ad a million times. Page 42

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They haven’t realized you’re annoyed, and lost your attention. Page 43

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They lost the opportunity to bring you value. Page 44

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The trick here... Page 45

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. The way to truly succeed and provide value... Page 46

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Is to learn to story tell on a native-basis. Page 47

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Respect the psychology of what makes a Facebook user, Page 48

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Different from a web surfer. Page 49

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And, even more different than someone who reads articles. Page 50

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Can you understand why people find value in platforms? Page 51

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Because I promise you – those who cannot tell their stories on today’s platforms are the ones who will go out of business. Page 52

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Because they refuse to play like the year that it is Page 53

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Here’s your full marketing OS. Reimagined. Don’t be that company. Page 54

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See how you can natively master paid media marketing with Gravity4. Page 55

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Questions? Don’t hesitate to email us! marketing@gravity4.com Page 56

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