Mastering Content Marketing on LinkedIn

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Mastering Content on LinkedIn ​  Jaime Pham, Content Marketing Evangelist ​  @jaimelynn09 #linkedincontent

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Which of these is NOT content marketing? 1 2 3

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Our mission Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful

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Productivity and Success Through Knowledge

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Productivity and Success Through Knowledge

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Best-in-class companies take an Owned + earned + paid approach

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They have a well-established company page

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Or Perhaps Several

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And they understand that their employees are part of their brand

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They get the most out of every piece of content

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They test and optimize tirelessly 38% CTR lift

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And they know that re-posting can earn new clicks

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Now, the ever-present question: “what works on LinkedIn?”

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But people still want to be inspired

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And entertained. Even on LinkedIn.

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For marketers, there is an opportunity Shape Perception Establish Trust Drive traffic for nurturing Earn new leads

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To shape perception Using Sponsored Updates, Adobe shared valuable thought leadership content targeted at marketers. The result? Those exposed to the updates were 50% more likely to agree that “Adobe is shaping the future of digital marketing”

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To nurture prospects with sequential messaging “We receive a lot of traffic to our homepage and we wanted to proactively leverage the value of that audience. So instead of waiting for them to return and dig deeper into our site, Lead Accelerator enables us to nurture them with a series of offers about specific areas of our catalog of professional development programs. This makes it easy for prospects to engage with the programs that they’re most interested in, and they’re seeing these offers across LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, Facebook News Feed, and display.”

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And of course, to generate revenue “Every dollar invested in LinkedIn Sponsored Updates yields more than $17 in revenue, almost 6x the ROI of Adwords” Rachel Bassini, Director of Strategy & Operations at NewsCred

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All it takes is creativity, consistency, and effective distribution

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And solid analytics Target Audience Members you would like to reach (monthly active users) 976,000 members Global ITDM (Managers ) Content Marketing Engagement Members who engage with your content 852 members Like, share, comment, follow, click Content Marketing Score = Unique Members Engaged Active Target Audience x Multiplier = 872

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Questions? •  How frequently are companies posting to their page? •  How do companies get started with the publishing platform at a company level? •  What are benchmark performance metrics?

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