Growth Hacking

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Growth Hacking 100% tested by @Lennarz

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What is a Growth Hacker? What my parents think I do What my friends think I do What my clients think I do What society thinks I do What I think I do What I actually do

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First “official” Growth Hack...1996

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2 dimensions of Growth Hacking Growth Hacks Ideas how to gather & hold users Build a Growth Hacking environment Agile Organization User-centric data driven no limits Growth Hacker Growth Manager

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I spend my time with... Agile Product teams Build innovation offside first Find Product-Market Fit Valid data for valid decisions Feature Marketing Onboarding! Build the best team

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Be Agile

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Adapt Product-Market Fit Listen to customer touch-points & competition Build, adapt, adapt, adapt ... Never compete with FREE….

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Build innovation submarines No dependencies No questions No hassle

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Are your Analytics data valid? Colors don?t matter... AB-Test only what really has impact “Easiness/time saving“ vs. „pricing” Customer Funnel data! #hardwork Big Data, Data Warehouse - WTF! Valid data for valid decisions

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Product Marketing is hard work! Be feature-addicted… Be authentic – let your developers talk… Internal / External discipline Find the right speech/language Be you! The product is the best ad-channel!

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User Onboarding: Love at first sight Define Goals: Paid/Registered vs. Active users Really warm welcome + friendly reminders… Easiness is the key… Trigger Mails & Incentivation rock… New vs. Existing users Burned email lists ;-( FAQ rocks, also for SEO Spread Product/Tech-Knowledge internally

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Tech-savy marketer unicorns Recruit small enterpreneurs

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You?re the Coach...

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Never get tired…. nicht mude werden maratho0n

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Use engineers, only if necessary Use standard tools Don?t reinvent the wheel

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Internal search

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Use Customer Reviews

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Use numbers of users...

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Send “private” mails “Sent from my iPhone”

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Focus on Screens, Not Devices

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Focus on user-data

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Visualize your funnel

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Clean up your email list

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Use Q&A sites for getting traffic

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No Google stars, yet?

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Artificial Shortage

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Make the best welcome mail

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Start the AB-testing engine

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Be social - start sharing... Be part of the community!

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Incentivate your users Free Months are not expensive! Progress bars ...

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Trigger Notifications Find emotional moments (good/bad)

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Create a free offer or free ebooks ...

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“Powered by link”

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Tell a friend

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Find your Aha-moment? Twitter: 30 Follower...

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Is your product really easy? Yes? Then no tutorials are necessary!

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Use Live Chat Tools

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Exit Intend Popups

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Integrate in other products

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People love customizing

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Use your standard-mails... All online-shops send it

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Start affiliate programs Zanox, Affili.net, ...

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Use new marketing tools Twitter Ads Retargeting Offline Sponsorships (Backlinks…;-)) ...

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Money comes after Product Usage

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Start your own project Learning by doing

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Use Coupons But thrifty!

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Build personas

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“Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep moving.” - Albert Einstein Follow me @lennarz Check out my new project: www.growthhackerlove.com Download my eBook http://hammr.de/startplatz