How to Create The Most Memorable Content Experience

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Who We Are Eric MacColl Marketing Director Nicole Karlis Content Manager Hana Abaza VP of Marketing

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Before you can create an amazing content experience, you need to know your audience.

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Dinner Party…

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You need to know what your guests like so they don’t leave unsatisfied … The same applies to content marketing

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In order to find an audience, you have to first understand them, learn who they are, what their days are like, and spend some time in their shoes. — Andy Smith, Author of ‘The Dragonfly Effect’

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Develop Content & Buyer Personas

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Building Buyer Personas Background: Age, gender, job title, income. Information Sources: Where do they get their content? Which formats do they prefer? Objections: Where might they object to your product if put through the sales process? Pain Points: What are the customer’s frustrations with products and services in your industries? Free Time: What are their hobbies, favorite movies and TV shows? Educational background: What’s their highest level of schooling? What did they study? Purchasing Decision Making: How do they rank their preferences when they’re evaluating a potential purchase? Price? Quality? Durability?

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Buyer Personas by Stages

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Get Info On Your Audience

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We’ve Found Titles As The Most Important Signal Know who’s interested in your product Know which content they’re consuming the most Target others like them

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Continue to refine who your target audience is.

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“People who are trying to hire writers” “Marketers and Business Owners Who Need Written Content” “Content Marketers and Business Owners Who Need Help With Content Marketing and Content Creation” By specific industries: Content Marketers, Digital Marketers, Agencies, Business Owners, and Social Media Marketers Who Need Help With Content Marketing and Content Creation 2012 2015

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Develop Content Around These Personas

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How Did We Evolve Our Content and Audience? Google Analytics Buzzsumo LinkedIn

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Google Analytics What industries are people most interested in seeing content for?

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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics What are people searching for on your site? What content can you create that your audience is having a hard time getting to?

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Google Analytics What are your most visited blog posts? How did people find them?

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LinkedIn What content resonates with your target audience?

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LinkedIn Promote the same content to three different audiences to see what resonates best.

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There are over 152,000,000 (!) blogs on the Internet Source: WPVirtuose

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56,520 free eBooks were published last year Source: BuzzSumo Search

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Guides White Papers Webinars Etc. etc. etc…

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People (and Google) Said “Stop It”

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We Need Better Content, Not More Content

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“Great content is useful, inspired and pathologically empathetic to the needs of the people you’re trying to reach .” Ann Handley, CCO at Marketing Profs & Author of Everybody Writes We Need Better Content, Not More Content

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( Marketing Existentialism) If content is published and nobody shares it, does it exist?

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“Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants.” Jonathan Perelman, Vice President at Buzzfeed

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And then you send them to your backyard. #fail

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Lost subscribers Lost leads Lost customers Lost revenue Wave Goodbye

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Scanable Actionable Shareable Scalable You-oriented SASSY

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SCANABLE Easy To Read Well Formatted Instant value

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Easy to read (font / size)

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Subheads Paragraphs aren’t too long

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ACTIONABLE Create an Engagement Path Include Calls-to-Action

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Learn from Ikea! Where should people go next? Recommend Content Encourage Comments Include Call-to-actions CREATE AN ENGAGEMENT PATH

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Calls-to-Action Clarity Context Targeting

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CLARITY Is the action and value obvious?

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…is everything.

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? Generic

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? Targeted

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SHARABLE Is it worth sharing? Is it easy to share your content? Are you asking them to share it?

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Does your content experience scale to any screen size? SCALABLE

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No? Feel the wrath of Google and sacrifice conversion rates.

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Is there value for the individual? Is it personalized? Can they find what they want? Is the experience tailored? YOU-ORIENTED

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Easy for your audience and your team to find.

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KEY TAKEAWAYS You must know your audience before creating an experience Scanable, Actionable, Shareable, Scalable, You-Oriented Clear, Contextual, Targeted CTAs Organize and Tailor the Content Experience Optimize (and test) the User Experience

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