10 Productivity Tips for Social Media Marketers From Hootsuite & Evernote

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10 Productivity Tips from Hootsuite & Evernote

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Gillian Hamilton Rogers Vicky Truong Angela Cheong Community Lead APAC @Singapore_Gill Head of Social Media Coaching @HootVicky Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific @angelacfw @HootsuiteAPAC @EvernoteSEA #SocialProductivity

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Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media, loved by over 10 million people around the globe and trusted by 744 of the Fortune 1000.

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Trusted by 744 of the Fortune 1000

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Cloud + Mobile Platform

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As one workspace that lives across your phone, tablet, and computer, Evernote is the place you write free from distraction, collect information, find what you need, and present your ideas to the world.

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Over 150 million users

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Evernote is the modern workspace

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Agenda: 5 Productivity Tips From Hootsuite 5 Productivity Tips From Evernote Hootsuite and Evernote recommends most powerful digital tools at your disposal Q&A @EvernoteSEA @HootsuiteAPAC #SocialProductivity

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Tip #1 : RSS Feeds What is it? •It stands for (Rich Site Summary) – easily received updates Why should I care? •In order to start sharing content that can interest your audience, you need to accumulate a list of high-quality external sources. These can be industry news sites, expert blogs, or other content aggregators. •Once you have identified the sources, use the Syndicator Pro app in your Hootsuite dashboard to set up an RSS feed for each site. You can do this by either adding an existing subscription, or import your OPML/XML files directly into the app.

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Tip #1 : RSS Feeds How to manage your RSS Feed? •When you have all your desired listening streams set up in the dashboard, you can preview the text and header images of any articles in your feeds by clicking on the headline

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Tip #2 : Content Library What is it? •Content curation entails seeking out relevant and interesting content Why should I care? •Since you don’t want to overwhelm your social media followers by sharing too much content too often, and leave some breathing room for inhouse content. •Once you have identified the sources, use the Syndicator Pro app in your Hootsuite dashboard to set up an RSS feed for each site. You can do this by either adding an existing subscription, or import your OPML/XML files directly into the app.

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Tip #2 : Content Library How to build a content library? •If you want to compile a content library outside of the Syndicator app, you can also send the content to apps like Evernote or Pocket, or share it to an appropriate folder in your cloud software (such as Google Drive

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Tip #3 : Trending Content What is it? Content that drives engagement, passion, shares and comments. When content trends and stories break, you need to be part of the conversation and share your own passion and insights as early as possible. Why should I care? •Real-time trend intelligence platform that predicts emerging content, influencers and sentiment for any topic or search query.

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Tip #3 : Trending Content How do I use it? Allows you to search for topics by trending content, hashtags, and sources. Easily engage, share trending stories, videos and more with your social networks.

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Tip #4 : Content Strategy What is it? Refers to the planning, development, and management of content. Tie your content calendar closely to your business goals. For example, if your LinkedIn account is meant to drive leads, focus on lead generation content. Why should I care? •Understanding your brand’s identity is an important first step to deciding on the content you should source or create. The answers to the following questions will inform your brand guidelines, which in turn influence your content strategy.

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Tip #5 : Content Strategy Template

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What is productivity?

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Tip #1: Clip Content from the Web What is it? • Web Clipper is an online plug-in that allows you to save content directly into your Evernote account be it articles, or content from Gmail, Amazon, LinkedIn Why should I care? • The digital industry innovates quickly. In order to stay up-to-date with the latest technology you need to constantly read research reports on new technology and tools to help you become a better marketer • Save content into Evernote even if you are on the go; Evernote’s search allows you to quickly retrieve clipped content at a later date. Search within images

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Tip #1: Clip Content from the Web

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Tip #1: Clip Content from the Web

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Tip #2: Project Management & Collaboration How can I do this? • Drap and drop different file types into Evernote • Work Chat and sharing options in Evernote allow you and team members to collaborate on drafts before publication Why should I care? • Access content in Evernote on any devices wherever you are to quickly provide feedback, edit content for social or other digital campaigns • Stay up-to-date with publication schedules etc. • Share notebooks with external contractors

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Tip #2: Project Management & Collaboration

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Tip #2: Project Management & Collaboration

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Tip #3: Crisis Communication How can I do this? • Build up a content library and create notebooks on managing and dealing with crisis communication within Evernote Why should I care? • By building your content library within Evernote, you have access to all your material 24/7 • Your workspace is where you are. Refer to the most updated crisis communication plans wherever you are on any device and act quickly on fast moving social content.

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Tip #4: Track and Measure Success How do I set this up? • Set up a workflow where your dashboards are automatically emailed into Evernote with your customized Evernote email • Annotate report highlights & present directly Why should I care? • This provides a regular check-in, simplifies your workflow and ensures that you stay on top of your campaign progress

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Tip #5: Archival & Knowledge Base How do I set this up? • Automate your workflows with IFTTT Save all your tweets or mentions into Evernote • Enable the Evernote and Hootsuite integration to save tweets from your stream into Evernote Why should I care? • Keep track of everything you have ever published and easily access it through the internal search for reference

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Tip #5: Archival & Knowledge Base

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More powerful tools!

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Evernote App Center Sunrise Feedly Smartsheet Pocket WSJ IF Zapier

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Hootsuite App Center Youtube Instagram Flipboard Sina Weibo Pocket Mailchimp Zendesk

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Q&A @EvernoteSEA @HootsuiteAPAC #SocialProductivity

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