Best Practices: Personalized Video Surveys

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VIDEO SURVEYS OVERVIEW Including a survey with your personalized video provides useful data on customer sentiment and satisfaction with the video, product and brand. Surveying viewers also provides a baseline for user experience optimization.

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VIDEO SURVEYS OVERVIEW: BENCHMARKS First, let’s benchmark some survey metrics to understand the effectiveness of your personalized video surveys. We’ve analyzed survey submission rates across a variety of industries, devices and personalized video use cases. TOTAL SUBMISSION RATE: 19.8% of viewers submit the survey *Findings based on instances with data available from at least six SmartVideo programs.

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VIDEO SURVEYS OVERVIEW: BENCHMARKS SUBMISSION RATE BY INDUSTRY 17.4% Telco: Insurance: 23.0% SUBMISSION RATE BY DEVICE Desktop: 23.0% Mobile: 15.3% SUBMISSION RATE BY USE CASE Video bill: 21.7% Onboarding customers: 17.7% *Findings based on instances with data available from at least six SmartVideo programs.

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VIDEO SURVEYS OVERVIEW: BEST PRACTICES The following best practices are designed to maximize survey efficacy. Adhering to these guidelines will help you increase the quality and quantity of your survey responses, which you can then compare against the benchmarked submission metrics.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: FOCUS Focus on a single main objective to ensure a high response rate with quality answers. Work backward to write your survey questions. Think about what you are going to do with the answers and how you are going to analyze the survey, then write the questions.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: FOCUS Depending on your objective, questions can be focused on the following: Content and goals of the personalized video Viewer experience Net Promoter Score / likeliness to recommend brand Usefulness of the video’s message to the viewer Free text for feedback or suggestions on how to improve the video and the overall experience

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: LENGTH Limit the survey to five questions or less in order to increase the response rate. >> We recommend three questions to maintain a high response rate. Place the most important questions first as the response rate per question will decline as the viewer moves through the survey.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: TIMING Place the survey toward the end of the video so that you don’t distract viewer attention away from important video content. >> We recommend the survey appear about 95% of the way through the video.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: LOCATION The location should be noticeable, but not the main focus of the page. >> On webpages and tablets: place the survey underneath or to the side of the player. If placing to the side, keep in mind which direction the viewers’ language is read.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: LOCATION >> On smartphones: Due to limited screen size, the survey should be placed on the landing page, below both the video player and CTA buttons.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: LOCATION Submission rate by location 21.4% survey submission rate when placed beneath the video 18.2% survey submission rate when placed to the side of the video Both placement locations yield similar submission rates, so also consider design and configuration factors before deciding where to place the survey.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: QUESTIONS Keep your questions brief and use words that are direct and familiar to the respondents. Do not use jargon, acronyms or technical concepts. Prioritize closed-ended questions that can be answered with a yes or no, multiple choice options or a rating scale. Include one openended question for viewers to provide additional feedback. YES NO

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: QUESTIONS Avoid leading questions so you don’t bias respondents toward positive responses by inserting your opinion into the question. Avoid double negatives or double-barreled questions. Ask one question at a time and use simple sentences. To maintain brand consistency, use the same customer satisfaction questions or style of questions as you do on other channels to make easy, apples-to-apples comparisons.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: ANSWERS Keep the answer scale consistent throughout the survey and use an odd number to make data analysis easier. >> We recommend using a five-answer scale to adequately capture the high and low ends of the scale. >> Make sure the response options are mutually exclusive and don’t overlap. Provide an option for additional feedback so viewers can write about other important information they’d like to provide.

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VIDEO SURVEYS BEST PRACTICE: CTAs Include calls-to-action and a survey. Each personalized video is an opportunity to influence consumer behaviors and actions with CTAs, while also capturing a reading of customer satisfaction with a survey. We’ve found including a survey does not impact the call-to-action take rate. CTA take rates (via desktop) 26.4% take rate in videos 27.8% take rate in videos with a survey without a survey

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VIDEOQUESTIONS SAMPLE SURVEYS 1 Now that you’ve seen the video, how likely are you to call customer service regarding your new [product or service]? Not at all likely Not very likely Somewhat likely Very likely Extremely likely 2 How helpful is this video in helping you understand your online account? Not at all helpful Not very helpful Somewhat helpful Very helpful Extremely helpful How likely is it that you would recommend 3 [company] to a friend or colleague? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Questions? Contact your customer success manager for additional information and help implementing these best practices. 226 West 37th St. Floor 12, New York, NY 10018 www.sundaysky.com | T 212.929.8111

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ABOUT SUNDAYSKY SundaySky’s personalized video marketing platform, SmartVideo Cloud, enables brands to deliver scalable one-to-one video experiences that foster long-term customer relationships. The SmartVideo Cloud empowers marketers to easily create, manage and optimize real-time personalized video programs throughout the customer lifecycle. AT&T, Comcast, Allstate and other industry-leading brands partner with SundaySky to engage prospective and current customers, resulting in higher revenue, lower costs and deeper loyalty. SundaySky is headquartered in New York with offices in Tel Aviv, London and Tokyo.

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