5 Growth Hacking Metrics

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Growth Hacking metrics syafrizaladi

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So...What is Growth HacKing ? syafrizaladi source : reddit

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GRoWTH HACKiNG is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. syafrizaladi source : wikipedia

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Key Metrics of GRoWth hacking syafrizaladi

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Acquisition: users come to site from various channels Activation: users enjoy 1st visit: "happy” experience Retention: users come back, visit site multiple times Referral: users like product enough to refer others Revenue: users conduct some monetization behavior syafrizaladi

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PR SEM SEO Aquisition www.website.com Marketing Channels: • largest-volume (#) • lowest-cost ($) • best-performing (%) syafrizaladi

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Acquisition Where are users coming from? Acquisition Methods SEO / SEM Blogs Email Social Media & Social Networks Domains

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PR SEM SEO Activation Criteria: • 10-30+ seconds Aquisition • 2-3+ page views • 3-5+ clicks • 1 key feature usage www.website.com Product Features Targeted Page DO lots of Landing page & AB testing Make a lots of Dumb Guessess & interate FAST syafrizaladi

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Activation What do users do on their first visit? Key Metrics to Track Pages per visit Time on site Conversions

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PR Automated emails: • lifecycle emails @ +3, +7, +30d SEM • status / “best of” weekly / monthly • “something happened” emails BUT: SEO • make it easy to unsubscribe Aquisition www.website.com Product Features Targeted Page Tip on emails: • > 80% or more on SUBJECT LINE • < 20% or less on BODY TEXT syafrizaladi

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Retention How do users come back? How often? Key Metrics to Track Source Quantity Conversions Visitor Loyalty Session Length

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PR SEM SEO Focus on driving referrals *after* users have a “happy” experience; avg score >= 8 out of 10 Aquisition www.website.com Product Features Targeted Page Referral syafrizaladi

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Referral How do users refer others? Referral Methods Send to Friend: Email / IM Social Media Widgets / Embeds Affiliates

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PR SEM SEO Aquisition www.website.com Product Features Targeted Page Referral Biz Dev Ads, Lead Gen, Subscriptions, ECommerce This is the part *you* still have to figure out… syafrizaladi

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Revenue How do you make money? Revenue Tips • Don’t Rely on AdSense (only) • Start Free => 2% “Freemium” • Subscription / Recurring transactions • Qualify your customers -> Lead generation (arbitrage) • Sell something! (physical or virtual)

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Links and Resources Additional References: • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Robert Cialdini (book) • The Mating Mind Geoffrey Miller (book) • Putting the Fun in Functional Amy Jo Kim (etech 2006 preso) • Futuristic Play Andrew Chen (blog) • Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug (book) • Designing for the Social Web Joshua Porter (book, website) • Startup Lessons Learned Eric Ries (blog) • Customer Development Methodology Steve Blank (presentation, blog) • Startup-Marketing.com Sean Ellis (blog) • Understanding Comics Scott McCloud (book)

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THANK Y0U syafrizaladi

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