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WEBINAR Follow PR Newswire: Follow CNW: @prnewswire @CNWGROUP #digitalage

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Michele Putman (moderator) Director of Customer Engagement PR Newswire Presenters Rebecca Mosley Co-Founder Duo Public Relations @rlhm @duopr Daniel Watson Manager Partnerships and Advocacy Marketing PR Newswire @danielchwatson

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Based in Seattle Founded in 2004 Four key focus areas: Consumer Tech Travel & Hospitality Food & Beverage Fashion & Beauty

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How do you help a client break into a Crowded Market? The Pivotal Living Band Launch Pivotal Living believes personal technology can make life not only better, but specifically, healthier The brand decided to launch its software and family of products with a device that was familiar and accessible—a fitness tracker Pivotal Living Band = $12 For new companies and new brands, early PR/marketing that clearly communicate your brand promise is key

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Current Measurement Practices Selecting a communications partner Be realistic about what you need: Brains or brawn (or both) Chemistry Complementary skills

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Current Measurement Practices Plan Your Launch Campaign Know your audience (no, you are not for “everyone”) Know the life cycle of your audience influencers Timing will make or break your launch Coverage is never the end game (it’s sales) When it comes to assets, more is always more It will cost more than you think it will

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Engage Media & Consumers with Compelling Visuals

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In communications, content is king… Lay the Groundwork: Pre-Launch Media Outreach Targeted 1:1 media previews prior to official announce Previewed product at NYC media event Conducted 1:1 media outreach at anounce Seeded product to 150 press prior to product availability

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Current Measurement Practices Why choose the tools you did? Multimedia assets National press release Catchy, attractive headline

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Choosing the right vehicle for your release Hero MNR ARC Wire + Asset

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Why a Multimedia Press Release for This Launch? Press Hub

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How did you measure your success?

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Comprehensive Campaign Results

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For more information: US: (888) 776-0942 CANADA: (877) 269-7890