Stop Marketing, Start Helping!

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Marketing …and Start Helping Clients Instead Rob Abbey

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Marketing .isn’t working

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Why? Because things are
 weighed against you. A  whole  stack  of  things…  like  not   feeling  comfortable  with  promo6ng   yourself,  not  having  enough  money,   not  having  the  resources  your   compe6tors  have,  not  knowing  what   to  do  and  not  having  the  6me,  energy   or  focus  to  market  consistently.

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Marketing It’s all about convincing… isn’t it? You’re  told  that  you  need  to  find  the   right  image,  the  right  words  and  the   right  offer.  That  it’s  all  about  convincing   clients;  to  no6ce  you,  to  like  you,  to  look   at  your  marke6ng  materials,  to  check  out   your  offers,  to  eventually  work  with  you   and  then…  to  recommend  you  to  others.     That’s  a  whole  lo,a  convincing!

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.there is another way

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.just help

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Helping Stop “Convincing” and start “Helping”. It’s  what  you  do  anyway…  at  the  very   heart  of  your  business.  If  you  use  your   knowledge,  skills  or  experience  to   help  others,  it’s  the  fundamental  core   transac6on  of  your  business.   You  might  call  it  something  else  but…

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Fact .most service businesses help people solve problems

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Fact .or help them to unlock potential

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Fact .or help them do both!

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.so stop thinking “marketing”…

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.and just start “helping”…

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.”helping is the best marketing”

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Marketing .people HATE being marketed to

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Helping .but they LOVE being helped!

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Marketing .you can’t out-market the bigger players

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Helping .but you can hit them where it hurts, by changing the game

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Marketing .can be SO confusing

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Helping .is something you already know and do every day

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Marketing .you fight to be heard

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Helping .clients actively seek you out & want to hear what you say

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Marketing .can be costly, with uncertain R.O.I.

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Helping .leverages your kick-ass skills and builds assets

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Distinctions Marketing •Convincing  Clients   •Chasing  business   •Talk  About  Value   •Promote  Transac6ons   •Stuff  you  don’t  know Helping • Helping  Clients   • AKrac6ng  business   • Provide  Real  Value   • Promote  Reciprocity   • Stuff  you  already  know

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Marketing .don’t be like him!

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Helping .be more like him!

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Q -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ In what ways can you help others? Create  helpful  content  and  share  it   Become  a  connector  of  people   Recommend  others   Give  30mins  of  your  6me  (SoHelpful.com)

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About Thank  you!  Please  share  this  presenta6on.   Together  we  can  change  the  way  businesses   market  themselves  forever! Rob  Abbey  is  the  founder  of  RobAbbey.com.     He  helps  businesses  package,  market  and  sell  their  services  online.   Helping  others  is  at  the  heart  of  his  business.

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Thank You! Contact 1 www.robabbey.com 2 @robertabbey 3 Drop me an email

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